Mobile Concrete Batching Plants For Sale

Mobile concrete batching plant is a transportable and easy-to-assemble plant used to manufacture batches of concrete mix time-savingly and efficiently. With all units fixed on one or two chassis, it can be towed by a truck tractor, implement faster and easier installation, disassembling, and translocating. The entire plant is pre-wired and plumbed for air and water, requires less concrete foundation, and sometimes no permission. It is especially suitable for the construction of small and medium-sized hydropower, highways, ports, airports, bridges, etc.

Bitumen Sprayers For Sale

What Is Bitumen Sprayer?

Bitumen sprayers are truck-mounted or trailer-mounted vehicles especially used to distribute bitumen on the pavement for road building and maintenance. It is also known as bitumen distributor. A typical bitumen sprayer is comprised of truck chassis, heated storage tank, pressured spraying system, PTO, and control system.

Top 10 Concrete Batching Plant Manufacturers Worldwide

A concrete batching plant, short for concrete plant, is construction material production equipment that combines water, aggregate (rocks, gravel, sand, etc.), cement, fly ash proportionally to create concrete. Concrete plants consist of cement silos, aggregate feeding system, control system, weighing system and mixing system.

What Is Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete batching plant, also called briefly batch plant or batching plant, is a kind of construction applied equipment, specially used to combine coarse aggregates, sand, cement, and other admixture to produce homogenous concrete. The final mixture can be widely used to construct skyscrapers, sidewalks, bridges, houses, highways, airports. etc.

How Much Does A Concrete Batching Plant Cost?

The prices of concrete batching plants range between $80,000 and $2,000,000, depending on the production capacity and the specification of the plant you want to buy. Apart from equipment procurement cost, some other outlay, such as setup cost, material purchase cost, maintenance cost, personnel wages, insurance expenses, matter so much that to some extent they decide the profit margin. After all, just a concrete plant itself can not bring benefit to you.

What Is Bitumen Melter

Bitumen melter is a piece of equipment that is specially used to heat and melt the bagged or drummed solid bitumen. The melted bitumen can be applied for asphalt plants to produce asphalt mix, as well as other industrial purposes. Generally speaking, Bagged bitumen melter is quite common to see in countries of the colder climate, like Russia. While in the areas of lower latitudes, drummed bitumen melters are compelling.

Concrete Batching Plants For Sale

Concrete batching plant is a type of construction material producing equipment which can combine various ingredients like water, sand, fly ash, gravel, cement, manufacture concrete mix.

Bitumen Melting Machine for Sale

Bitumen melting machine also named bitumen melter is a special machine for melting and decanting the solid bitumen from barrel/bag/wooden box to liquid, which can be used in the asphalt mixing plant or other industry. The bitumen in the barrel will be heated and melted to liquid by 320~450℃ hot exhaust air from burner and hot thermal oil pipes, save energy and reduce working cost.

Dry Mortar Plants For Sale

Dry mortar plant is a construction materials production line applied to manufacture widely used dry mortar by mixing dried sand, cement, thickening powder, fly ash, and other functional additives proportionally. It features large output and often comes with an automatic packaging machine. Dry mortar plants can also be divided into some categories as per different perspectives.

Wet Mix Macadam Plant for sale

A wet mix plant is a set of equipment for road sub-base construction. A wet mix macadam plant adopts a pug mill to homogenize aggregate / crushed stones, water and cement power together, producing a mix called cement-bound material (CBM). It is also name as WMM plant, wet mix macadam plant, and the like. Typically, a wet mix plant works with an asphalt plant to produce material mix for road pavement.

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