Baghouse Dust Collector
  • Baghouse Dust Collector
  • Baghouse Dust Collector
  • Baghouse Dust Collector
  • Baghouse Dust Collector

Baghouse Dust Collector

  • Air emissions: ≤20mg/Nm³
  • Air black: RingelmannⅠ
  • Working Noise: ≤80db
  • Operation Room Noise: noise ≤70db

1. High dust collecting ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, small leakage rate, less steel consumption, small size, reliable and good economic benefit.
2. Long cleaning cycle, low energy consumption, compressed air consumption can be greatly reduced.
3. Easy to inspect and change bags, solid and reliable body sealing. Service longer than other similar products.
4. Adopts airtight design and excellent sealing material.

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Brief Introduction of Baghouse Dust Collector

Our company's baghouse dust collector can be used for asphalt plants, concrete plants and other industry machineries. The dust it collected will be directly transferred into silos, elevators or transfer belts.

Features of Baghouse Dust Collector

1.Easy and convenient for installation due to its modular structure
2.Energy-efficient aggregate heating system
3.Highly accurate measuring technology
4.Highly effective and innovative mixing technology
5.Ergonomics automatic controlling system
6.Environment friendly due to its emission meets the environment protection standards
7.Reliable and easy for maintenance

Technical Parameters of Baghouse Dust Collector

Model BD200B BD380B BD460B BD640B BD900B
Amount of dust bag 206 PCS 384 PCS 448 PCS 624 PCS 896 PCS
Area of filter surface 200 m2 400 m2 480 m2 660 m2 912 m2
Air filtration area ratio(Air to cloth) 90.7 Em³/㎡h 90.7 Em³/㎡h 90.7 Em³/㎡h 90.7 Em³/㎡h 90.7 Em³/㎡h
Power of the spiral down casing aggregates 2.2 kW 3 kW 3 kW 4 kW 5.5kW
Height of chimney 8.1 m 8.1 m 8.1 m 8.1 m 8.1 m
Matched asphalt plant 25-50t/h 60-110t/h 115-140t/h 150-210t/h 220-260t/h

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