Super-Mobile Asphalt Plant

CMB Super-mobile Asphalt Plant

  • Model: CMB40 ~ CMB120
  • Product Capacity: 40 t/h ~ 120 t/h
  • Significant Highlights:
    1. All in One Mobility or Two
    2. Reassembly Completed In Hours
    3. Zero Foundation Required
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Brief Introduction

As the most advanced technology for the production of asphalt and most compact line of asphalt plants on the market, the CMB Series Asphalt plants have the following characteristics: In 1 mobile unit, Lower cost of transportation, Lower area and lower cost of installation, Fast and easy installation, Efficiency of fuel consumption, Excellent production visibility, Comfort and ergonomics in operation, Safety of operation. Ideal for all types of projects.

CMB series asphalt plants feature flexibility and hypermobility, quite easy to implement relocation between job sites; not a month, not a day, only a while needs to be taken to reassemble and restart production; folding brackets and ingenious engineering leave no foundation required, lots of downtime and laborforce saved.

CMB Super-mobile Asphalt Plant

CMB series supermobile asphalt mixing plant in the transportation status
CMB series super portable asphalt plant in travel

Product Parameters

Model CMB40 CMB60 CMB80 CMB100 CMB120
Capacity 40 t/h 60 t/h 80 t/h 100 t/h 120 t/h
Drying & Mixing Drum Φ1200*5000mm Φ1500*6500mm Φ1500*6650mm Φ1500*7500mm Φ1800*8000mm
Fuel Consumption diesel consumption: 6.5 kg/ton
Hot Asphalt Temperature 130℃-165℃ (adjustable)
Air Emissions ≤100 mg/Nm³
Installation Power 63.55 kW 99.5 kW 115 kW 167 kW 226 kW
Total Weight 26 T 30 T 40 T 55 T 70 T
Transport State Dimension 17.1m*3.09m*4m (L*W*H) 20m*3.09m*4m (L*W*H) 23m*3.09m*4m (L*W*H) 23m*3.09m*4m (L*W*H) 23m*3.09m*4m (L*W*H)
Plant Covering Area 17m*37m*5.5m (L*W*H)

Structure Diagram

structure schematic view of supermobile continuous asphalt plant
  • 1. Cold Feeders
  • 2. Parallel-flow Drying Drum
  • 3. Automotive Chassis
  • 4. Dust Collector
  • 5. Loud-out Conveyor
  • 6. Control Room
  • 7. Bitumen Tank(Optional)

By virtue of 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing, Liaoyuan’s asphalt plants are known for productivity, efficiency, and durability. CMB series, specifically researched and developed for regions where high mobility is in demand, is no exception.

Detailed Information

Continuous hypermobile asphalt plant
1. Whole production line in only one or two mobile unit
①Continuous integrated mobile type, ideal for all types of projects. The whole production line in only one mobile unit reflects lower transport costs, and lower investment of the plant and freight package; easy adaptation to different construction sites, low complexity for installation, less mobilization and assembly time.
②Heavy duty components with long service life.
③Intelligent fault diagnosis system.
④Free random accessories, easy access to wear elements.
Drying & Mixing Drum with Burner
2. Efficiency in fuel consumption
①The repeatedly optimized design of the lifting blade and the stainless steel insulation layer can effectively reduce the heat loss of the drying drum, save fuel consumption and greatly improve the thermal efficiency.
②The burning zone of the drying drum adopts wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials with long service life.
③Gas secondary ignition, high reliability of ignition.
④Unique purge pipeline, effectively prevent oil circuit blockage.
Control system
3. Control System With Switchable Operation Modes
①The system will alert the operator if he needs to intervene or switch the plant into a safe state in case of emergency.
②Auto and manual operation mode are available, and the operator can switch to manual operation at any time.
③Online fault detection helps the operator troubleshoot malfunction with no difficulty.
④Intuitive display of all process control parameters and optimized operation flow ensure total reliability and superior performance.
⑤The wall of the control cabin is made of color steel plate, jacketed by double-layer thermal insulation and sound insulation.
⑥All the main electrical components adopted in the console are of world-famous brands like Siemens, enjoying interlocking and secondary protection function.
⑦The control cabin comes with a split air conditioner and a folding ladder.
Dust Collection System
4. Dust Collector With Folding Chimney
①Water mist formed inside the dust collector by 6 clog-free large stainless steel spray nozzles is able to meet minimum water make-up requirements.
②The damper of the induced draft fan can be automatically adjusted to formulate the constant negative pressure, helping achieve optimum cleaning efficiency.
③Aside from the water mist, water film and cyclone dust filtration techniques also contribute to a very good entrapping of the dust-laden exhaust gas.
④The chimney can be folded to one side of the dust collector when the asphalt plant is ready for transportation, reducing the unexpected risk due to height.
cold feeders of supermobile Hot mix plant
5. Cold Feeders With Belt Scale
①The underfeeding alarm will sound in case of aggregates shortage.
②Automatic wall vibrator can avoid materials adherence on the steep wall of fine aggregate hopper.
③Individual belt scale beneath each hopper ensures the dosing of aggregates aligned with the preset proportion.
④Synchronous proportional automatic control will be done due to variable frequency conversion speed control.
⑤Protection grid at top of each hopper effectively buffers the shock from aggregates flow and meanwhile screens oversize aggregates.
⑥Side idler and rubber sweeper are employed to keep the aggregates supplying more fluent and prolong the service life of the belt.
⑦The plates connected with the top of hoppers, able to flip upside down, increase the volume of aggregate feeding.
6. Parallel-flow Drying Drum
①The stainless steel insulation layer effectively reduce the heat loss, improving the thermal efficiency to the largest extent.
②The burning zone of the drying drum adopts wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials with long service life.
③Continuous mixing ensures extra-high production efficiency of the whole plant.
④More realible two-stage ignition system is employed.
⑤World famous dual-fuel burners are available for option, with combustion efficiency guaranteed.
automotive chassis of supermobile asphalt mixing plant
7. Automotive Chassis With Robust Structure
①It’s made of low-alloy high-strength steel with a large cross-sectional area, owning good strength and rigidity.
②Double axle assembly and eight wheels enable itself to shoulder a huge payload.
③Centralized lubrication makes the originally annoying lubricating work more convenient.
④The supporting legs are solid, and the contact surface with the ground is large so that the uneven ground can be overcomed.
load out conveyor for supermobile hot mix plant
8. Load-out Conveyor With Drag Chain
①The drag conveyor is fully enclosed not only to avoid heat loss but to minimize the contamination of the surrounding environment caused by the asphalt fume.
②Secondary mixing can be realized thanks to the drag chain conveyor, making the asphalt mixture more uniform.
③The mixture is dragged by scraping and hence all the fines are conveyed and not lost.
bitumen tank for hrpermobile asphalt plant
9. Bitumen Storage Tank(Optional)
①Two kinds of bitumen tanks are available. The hot oil heated tanks are supplied with a thermic oil heater. The direct heating tanks are supplied with a burner.
②All bitumen tanks are supplied with auto thermostatic controls and level indicators.
③Provided with automotive chassis, the bitumen tank is also easy to move as one mobile unit.
④Storage capacities range from 20t to 30t.

Delivery Photos

DHB Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant shipment
DHB Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant shipment

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