Mobile Crusher For Sale

A mobile crusher, also known as a mobile crushing pant, is a nifty machine that tackles large rocks, stones, and even ores, crushing them into usable pieces for various applications. It features mobile capabilities, flexibility and adaptability, and shines in mine ore crushing, construction aggregate production, construction waste recycling, railway, highway, road and bridge construction.

Mobile crushers available on the market costs approx. USD120,000 to USD550,000, depending on the specification, the quality and quantity of materials needed for production, as well as labor costs and maintenance, etc.

Latest Prices of Mobile Crusher

Category Model - Capacity Price
Mobile Jaw Crusher AMJ750 (150 ~ 250t/h) USD210,000 - USD250,000
AMJ750H (150 ~ 250t/h) USD240,000 - USD280,000
Mobile Cone Crusher AMC300 (100 ~ 300t/h) USD320,000 - USD390,000
Mobile Impact Crusher AMI1213 (150 ~ 250t/h) USD220,000 - USD280,000
AMI1213A (150 ~ 250t/h) USD250,000 - USD320,000
Mobile Screening Crusher AM3600H (100 ~ 350t/h) USD160,000 - USD250,000

Mobile Crusher Global Market Overview

According to a Market Analysis Report, the global mobile crushers and screeners market size was valued at USD 3.66 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% from 2023 to 2030. Factors such as the increase in urbanization and infrastructure development and the growing mining industry globally are expected to drive market growth. Moreover, the increasing need for material recycling is propelling demand for mobile stone crusher machines.

In the global market, some certain countries including Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, present great market potential for mobile crushers. Portable rock crusher has become a popular solution for aggregate production and recycling applications in the Philippines, Australia, Africa, Malaysia and so on due to their versatility and ability to be deployed quickly across project sites.

Top Mobile Crusher Manufacturers and Suppliers

Out of all countries that manufacture portable crushers, China's well-developed supply chain and production system translates to significant cost control advantages, which can be further passed on to customers in the form of lower prices, making Chinese-made mobile crushers more competitive in the international market.

ACE Group is a leading manufacturer of mobile stone crushers in China. With outstanding performance, excellent cost-effectiveness, and satisfactory product service, it has established a solid presence in the global mobile crushing plant market. So, what are the highlights of ACE mobile crushers?

  • Cost-effective: ACE's mobile crushers are distinguished by their exceptional cost performance. They not only exhibit impeccable quality, but also come at highly competitive price points.
  • Quality Assured: The mobile crushers supplied by ACE are of reliable quality, empowering users with the confidence to tackle any task with reliability.
  • Highly Customizable: ACE is a leader in portable rock crusher customization, offering a comprehensive service that caters to your specific requirements, regardless of their complexity.
  • Perfect after-sales service: ACE remains steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding our clients' interests and provides comprehensive after-sales support to ensure our customers' seamless maintenance, repairs and parts replacement, guaranteeing their long-term satisfaction.
  • Localization: ACE has been deeply cultivating the international market for many years, and its mobile crushers have been continuously operating in numerous countries including Malaysia, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, earning praise and recognition from customers. Leveraging its extensive localization experience, ACE is able to make appropriate adjustments based on the actual natural geographic conditions of the client's location, ensuring the equipment operates flawlessly in the specific local environment.

FAQs About Portable Stone Crushers For Sale

1. What types of mobile stone crushers are there?

By travel mode, portable crusher machines are roughly divided into tire portable crusher and crawler portable crusher. By characteristic and purpose, portable rock crushers are divided into mobile jaw crusher mainly used for primary/coarse crushing, mobile cone crusher mainly used for secondary crushing, mobile impact crusher ideal for secondary crushing of rocks with high hardness and abrasion, and mobile screener: ideal for independent screening or multi-stage mobile screening.

2. How does a mobile crusher travel and relocate during transportation?

The most common way is to haul the portable crusher machine on a heavy-duty trailer towed by a truck. Additionally, tracked mobile crushing plants are equipped with built-in hydraulic ramps, so they can be self-loaded onto trailers.

3. Could you recommend a mobile crusher combination suitable for hard, high-wear materials like granite?

A combination of a jaw crusher followed by a cone crusher would be a great recommendation for efficiently processing hard granite rocks. As the primary stage, a jaw crusher is responsible for dealing with the initial breakdown of the large granite rocks considering its robust design and high crushing. Once the granite's been roughly broken up, the cone crusher takes over for the second stage, further reducing the size and producing those desirable cubical shapes.

4. When purchasing a portable crusher, what aspects should be of my primary concern?

It is recommended to request the supplier to furnish product certificates, test reports and relevant international standard certification (e.g., ISO, CE, EAC). If you have made an order, you may request the supplier to capture photographic or video documentation throughout the manufacturing, loading and shipping processes and make upadates on the daily basis, especially on the time nodes that you are going to make a payment.

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