Top 5 Coal Pulverizer Manufacturers in the World

A coal Pulverizer is a mechanical device utilized to grind coal pieces to form fine particles. The machine is responsible for preparing coal to be burnt in a boiler or other steam-generating furnaces. A coal pulverizing machine will ensure that the coal is crushed into fine pieces, allowing efficient combustion. 

Top 5 Backhoe Brands Around The Globe

A backhoe, also often referred to as the backhoe loader, is a tractor equipped with a massive front-mounted loader bucket and a robust rear-mounted digging bucket. They can move, level, or scoop up lightweight materials, able to carry up to 8,760 pounds in an average. It also can dig an average of that is 15 feet and the average reach of less than 26 feet.

Top 5 Wheel Loader Manufacturers in the World

Construction cannot be completed without the use of wheel loaders. These large machines come in handy when huge loads are meant to be transferred from one place to another. Loads can have anything, from debris to gavel, soil, dirt, you name it!

Top 5 Bulldozer Manufacturers Around The World

Bulldozers are robust trucks that help with digging, pushing, excavating, leveling, and pushing material such as soil and debris on a construction site. They have large, heavy, and strong blades in the front, which are used for moving the materials. There are other attachments, such as rippers on the rear, which assist in breaking down the tough terrain.

Top 5 Concrete Pump Truck Manufacturers In The World

Concrete pump truck, also known as concrete pumper, is a kind of equipment used in civil engineering for pumping liquid concrete from a mixer to the framework. In most cases, this specialized vehicle is required to pour concrete in places non accessible by mixers.

Top 10 Excavator Manufacturers In The World

Excavators are earth-moving machines that can deliver top performance in engineering construction, such as highways, bridges, buildings, breeding ponds, underground engineering, emergency excavation, etc. A variety of attachments can be chosen to enhance their versatility.

Top 5 Crane Truck Manufacturers in the World

Crane trucks are vehicles equipped with a mechanism that allows them to lift, drop, or transfer big things. They move objects from one location to another at a higher level. Lifting massive concrete beams or steel usually seen on industrial sites is nearly difficult without a crane.

Top 5 Road Roller Manufacturers In The World

Road roller, also called compactor or compactor roller, is a staple road surface compacting machine, which could facilitate your construction work, whether you're just laying down gravel, concrete, and asphalt or doing some grading work in agriculture.

Top 5 Best Motor Grader Manufacturers In The World

Grader, also known as road grader or motor grader, is a heavy civil engineering equipment used mostly for creating flat surfaces during grading works. It's one piece of the essential equipment in earthworks, allowing for the surface leveling with extremely high precision.

How Much Does An Excavator Cost?

The full-sized excavator price falls into the wide range between $80,000 and $500,000, while a mini excavator with an operating weight under 10t costs anywhere from $20,000 to $90,000. The demolition excavators, also the large-sized ones usually seen in mining and alike, run beyond $500,000, even up to $7,000,000. Moreover, the used excavators cost 30%-60% of the new counterparts. The above figures are revealed by the 2020-2021 customs data.

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