The 10 Best Mobile Crusher Manufacturers Globally

Mobile stone crushers are accounted as presently the most advanced aggregate-making equipment, with the main function of decreasing the size of stone and rock. A portable crushing plant is more like a track-mounted factory for crushing large rocks into finer materials. As the name suggests, these machines can be moved easily from one work site to another, aimed to reduce transportation and operational expenses greatly, substituting fixed crushers or crushing lines.

Top 5 Brick Making Machine Manufacturers in the World

A brick-making machine is a kind of building material equipment that typically makes the bricks through cement, sand, small stones, and slag. Bricks, usually made from clay and several other ingredients, can be manufactured manually or through machines. A brick-making machine has more energy efficiency and is more environmentally friendly as compared to other machines producing construction materials like briquette. Due to such prominent advantages, the demand for building-brick-making machines has increased ever since. Building brick production has become one of the best profitable businesses in the construction sector.

Top 5 Thermal Oil Heater Manufacturers Around the Globe

Thermal oil heaters, also known as thermal oil boilers, hot oil boilers and thermal oil heating systems, are machines made of a body through which thermal fluid circulation is done. When thermal fluid circulates inside the machine, it receives energy in the form of heat. This energy comes from the explosion of different energy sources like natural gas, biomass, light and fuel generated from waste.

Top 10 Asphalt Paver Manufacturers In The World

An asphalt paver is a specialized road construction tool that is used to lay down asphalt on bridges, roads, parking slots, and other related places. Before the surface of roads is compacted by a roller, asphalt paver lays and conducts minor compaction.

Top 5 Truck Mixer Manufacturers In The World

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials in the world. Made in special plants far away from construction sites, concrete needs to be transported while keeping its specs. That’s where truck mixers are employed.

Top 5 Skid Steer Manufacturers in the World

A skid steer, also known as a skid steer loader or a skid loader, is a compact yet versatile construction equipment that can perform various tasks. The equipment comes with two tracks or four wheels and can be steered with ease.

Top 10 Asphalt Milling Machine Manufacturers In The World

An asphalt milling machine, also known as a cold milling machine or cold planer, is used to remove the superior layer of the road surface or in some cases the entire depth while allowing the materials to be recycled and reused.

Top 5 Rough Terrain Crane Manufacturers In The World

A rough terrain crane is a piece of heavy construction equipment with the capability of lifting objects varying from formwork panels to entire prefabricated elements. This machine is a must-have in mid and large-scale building projects, especially those whose job sites are in various rough terrains.

Top 10 Heavy Truck Manufacturers in the World

Trucks are earthmoving machinery that can efficiently complete tasks like transporting industrial goods and equipment. Industrial materials, raw materials, construction equipment, and much more are moved across the country via heavy trucks.

Top 5 Bitumen Pump Manufacturers Around the World

A bitumen pump, also widely known as an asphalt pump, is a valuable machine with numerous applications, especially in the area of refinement and pavement of road and road constructions. An asphalt pump is a comparatively inexpensive alternative to cover more extended areas.  

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