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Definition: On Asphalt Drum Mix Plant, aggregate are continuously dried and mixed with bitumen during production, thus, it is also called continuous asphalt plant.

Advantages: Compared with Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, an asphalt drum mix plant is smaller both in size and capacity. Yet, price and operation costs of asphalt drum mix plant is much lower.

Application: Asphalt drum mix plant is mainly applied to produce HMA (hot mix asphalt) or asphalt concrete for small and medium sized road pavement and rehabilitation.

Super-mobile Asphalt Plant CMB Series

Model:  CMB40 ~ CMB120
Capacity:  40 t/h ~ 120 t/h
Overall movement, Continuous production, Drum mixing, Compact modular structure;
Low initial investment, easy operation.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant DHB Series

Model: DHB40 ~ DHB100
Capacity: 40 ~ 100 T/H
Continous asphalt plant,drum mix;compact structure, transportation optimized;
Lower initial investment, cost effective, shorter payback period.

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant MDHB Series

Model: MDHB40 ~ MDHB100
Capacity: 40 ~ 100 T/H
Mobile asphalt plant,continous production, drum mix;
Modular structure, ease of relocation, lower initial investment;

Asphalt Drum Mix Plant SLB Series

Model: SLB8 ~ SLB30
Capacity: 8 ~ 30 T/H
Small-sized continous asphalt plant,drum mix; lower initial investment;
Can be updated to mobile type by adding mobile chassis on main components.

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