Asphalt Recycling Plants For Sale

Asphalt recycling plant is equipment that is enabled to make use of recycled old mixtures to produce new asphalt mix by combining reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), original aggregate, and filler. It helps to save fuel and materials, reduce pollution and waste.

Asphalt Distributors For Sale

Asphalt Distributor is a special vehicle, truck-mounted or trailer-mounted, for spraying bituminous asphalt on binder layer and pavement surface of roads. It is also called asphalt sprayer, bitumen sprayer truck, bitumen distributor, etc. The capacity and work efficiency of a bitumen distributor truck is commonly affected by how big the heated storage tank is and how wide the spray bar is.

Mobile Asphalt Plants For Sale

Mobile asphalt plant is a portable facility that is capable to produce road paving materials by mixing aggregates and bitumen. It's characterized by rapid relocation and ease of assembly, and is pretty suitable to carry out small- or medium-scaled road construction and maintenance projects.

What Is Bitumen Decanter

Bitumen decanter, also named bitumen melting machine and bitumen melter, is a facility mainly applied to melt the solid bitumen from barrels via thermal oil circulating and transferring heat. The liquid bitumen can be used for asphalt plants to produce asphalt mix, as well as other industrial purposes.

The Price Of Asphalt Plants

Asphalt plant is a facility that is used to mix the aggregates and bitumen to produce the paving materials. Special fillers and additives may be needed to add to the mixture during the mixing course. The end product, asphalt mix, can be widely used for the construction of highways, urban roads, rural roads, parking lots.

What is Asphalt Mixing Plant

An asphalt mixing plant is a machine used for producing asphalt, which used to pave the road. The asphalt is made of bitumen, aggregate and filler, sometimes collectively known as blacktop or asphalt concrete.

Bitumen Emulsion Plant For Sale

Bitumen emulsion plant is special equipment used to produce emulsified bitumen, which melts bitumen and disperses it in water with fine particles to form an emulsion. Bitumen emulsion plants is widely used in road construction and maintenance.

Top 5 Asphalt Distributor Manufacturers in the world

Asphalt distributor is an efficient special truck widely used in road pavement. The first asphalt distributor was invented by an American engineer in the early 20th century. Currently, manufacturer of asphalt distributor is mainly located in the United States, EU, China, and Turkey. The followings are lists of the top 5 most reputable manufacturers of asphalt distributor.

Top 3 Best-selling Asphalt Plants In The World

Asphalt plant is a facility that is specifically used to mix aggregates and bitumen to manufacture final asphalt paving material. As per the requirement, some fillers and additional agents could be added to the mixing course. The asphalt mixture can be widely applied for the pavement of expressways, urban roads, grade highways, etc.

What Is Dry Mortar Plant?

Dry mortar plant is a set of equipment that is designed to mix dried sand, cement, thickening powder, fly ash, and other functional additives together according to different recipes. The plant produces bagged or bulks dry mortar, which can be applied directly after mixed proportionally into the water and stirred for a while.

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