What Is Bitumen Decanter

Bitumen decanter, also named bitumen melting machine and bitumen melter, is a facility mainly applied to melt the solid bitumen from barrels via thermal oil circulating and transferring heat. The liquid bitumen can be used for asphalt plants to produce asphalt mix, as well as other industrial purposes.

Types of Asphalt Plants

So many types of asphalt mixing plants, small/Large, mobile, batch/discontinuous, drum/continuous hot mix plants, are available on market. Learn about types of asphalt mixing plants here. When you decide to get your own one, the first issue you have to address is to determine what type of hot mix plant you’d like to purchase.

What is Asphalt Mixing Plant

An asphalt mixing plant is a machine used for producing asphalt, which used to pave the road. The asphalt is made of bitumen, aggregate and filler, sometimes collectively known as blacktop or asphalt concrete.

Why Choose Us?

It is a significant decision for you to buy a hot mix plant, but it is more important to choose a reliable manufacturer. LYROAD Machinery, a trustworthy China road construction machine manufacturer, has so many special competitive advantages that it attracts more and more overseas customers to seek cooperation.

Top 5 Asphalt Distributor Manufacturers in the world

Asphalt distributor is an efficient special truck widely used in road pavement. The first asphalt distributor was invented by an American engineer in the early 20th century. Currently, manufacturer of asphalt distributor is mainly located in the United States, EU, China, and Turkey. The followings are lists of the top 5 most reputable manufacturers of asphalt distributor.

How Much Does An Asphalt Plant Cost?

Asphalt plants cost from $100,000 to $5,000,000, depending mainly on type and capacity. The larger the production capacity, the more the functions, the higher the price.

What Is Dry Mortar Plant?

Dry mortar plant is a set of equipment that is designed to mix dried sand, cement, thickening powder, fly ash, and other functional additives together according to different recipes. The plant produces bagged or bulks dry mortar, which can be applied directly after mixed proportionally into the water and stirred for a while.

Asphalt Plant Price Index Globally

Here we put forward the global asphalt mixing plant price index, analyze hot mix plant price’s composition, tell you the difference in price between mobile, batch mix, drum mix, hot recycling, and mini types, and for your reference, we give you prices all over the world in the end. A huge gap exists in prices globally and you will feel very confused and hard when investing in an asphalt mixing plant

Top 5 Asphalt Plant Manufacturers In The World

Here is a highly recommendable fact sheet of the world’s top asphalt plant manufacturers and suppliers who lead the way for the whole industry. They all enjoy great reputation due to long history, brilliant industrial design, specialized knowledge accumulated over time, manufacturing efficiency, and pro-business practices.

Find Asphalt Plant Near Me Through 3 Methods

Here are some useful tips on how to find asphalt mixing plants near me and how to get in touch with ones near me. 3 Methods are elaborately summarized for everyone to find ones close to me as soon as possible.

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