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Patented Vibration Mixer

Patented Vibration Concrete Mixer

The cutting-edge and innovative vibration mixing technique uses the force of mixing and vibration synchronously to shatter the cement completely and distribute it uniformly. As hydration effect gets enhanced, interface adhesion and workability are improved and microscopic homogeneity is achieved. It ideally solve the problems with tradition mixing.

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2nd Generation Stronger Vibration Concrete Mixer

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    Multiple shaft end seals
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    Stepped water injection to pressure dust
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    Increase the vibration intensity by 30%
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    Intelligent time-sharing centralized lubrication
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    Lightweight mixing device
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    Fusion of powerful mixing technology
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Unrivalled Advantages

Vibration Mixing VS Traditional Mixing

  • Fantastic Performance

    • 5%
      Save Cement and Additives Consumption
    • 8%
      Improve the Strength of Concrete
    • 20%
      Reduce Concrete Mixing Batch Circle
    • 50%
      Increase Concrete Structure Durability

Differece In Principle

  • Differece In Principle
    Vibration Mixing
  • Differece In Principle
    Traditional Mixing

In traditional twin-shaft mixer, 10%-30% of the cement particles are not sufficiently dispersed, whereas in the vibration mixer, cement is 100% free of clots, and more solid adhesion with water and other aggregates comes into being.

Difference In Actual Effect

Difference In Actual Effect of concrete building element
Ordinary Mixing (First 2 Elements) and Vibration Mixing (Last 2 Elements)

Building element manufactured by traditional mixer shows a large color difference, as well as numerous air bubbles with the diameter of 2-3mm, whereas vibration mixing brings forth rare air bubbles, making the elements obviously denser and stronger.

Remarkable Economic Benefit

Less Consumption, Higher Productivity And ROI

Remarkable Economic Benefit
At least 10kg cement can be saved for 1m³ concrete output when using vibration mixing
Remarkable Economic Benefit
At the same mixing ratio, vibration stirring can save more than 20% of time and increase production capacity significantly.
Remarkable Economic Benefit
no residual concrete in the mixer after production, which can save a lot of cleaning costs and reduce potential safety hazards.
Remarkable Economic Benefit
No residual concrete left in the mixer after production, a lot of cleaning costs saved, potential safety hazards reduced
Remarkable Economic Benefit
The coefficient of deviation can be reduced by 30%, and the engineering quality is consistent and easy to control.
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Avantgarde Concrete Batching Plant

Designed To Meet High-end And Special Demands For Concrete

Produce high-quality concrete to satisfy special project requirements, such as dam, bridges, skyscrapers, overhead sidewalk, etc.
Used for prodution of special concrete for RCC plants and prefabricated plants, enabling long life apan of building components.
Produce ultra-high performance conrete (UHPC), steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC), reinforced cement concrete (RCC), aerated concrete (AC).

Leading Chinese Concrete Plant Manufacturer

We have been committed to research and develop vibration mixers for more than 10 years. To date we have launched 2nd-gen update, and gained numerous patents. 1000+ vibration mixers have been applied on various mixture production plants throughout the world.

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Vibration Mixing - Quality Assurance of China Infrastructure

Vibration mixing technology has been successfully employed on a large scale in China, and has got widely recognized in the building materials industry during the time of a decade. Led by us, the industry standard of vibration mixing is formulated. More and more vibration mixing concrete plants are expected to apply to various large-scale key projects around china.

HZS180 vibration mixing concrete plant
HZS180 vibration mixing concrete plant in Hebei province of China for highway construction
Vibration mixing concrete plant with the capacity of 90m³/h
Vibration mixing concrete plant with the capacity of 90m³/h in Zhejiang, China, owned by CRCC 17th Bureau.
HZS120 Vibration Mixing Concrete Plant for real estate projects
HZS120 Vibration Mixing Concrete Plant for real estate projects of Evergrande Group, one of China’s top real estate companies.

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