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Bitumen Melting Machine

  • Model: DJT-3000 ~ DJT-10000
  • Product Capacity: 3t/h ~ 10t/h
  • Quantity of Barrels/Cycle: 14 ~ 27

The job of bitumen melting machine is to extract the solid bitumen by melting method usually from the barrels, bags, and wooden cases. Then the liquid bitumen will work for asphalt mixing equipments and other industrial purpose.The bitumen melting machine is perfectly designed, safe, reliable and easy to operate. The low energy consumption and environmental pollution makes it the first choice of asphalt melting machine.

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Main Parameters

Model DJT-3000 DJT-5000 DJT-8000 DJT-10000
Capacity (t/h) 3 5 8 10
Bitumen Storage Capacity (m³) 8 10 15 15
Bitumen Pump Flow Rate (m³/h) 25 25 36 36
Number of Barrels 14 18 27 27
Number of Tracks 2 2 3 3
Heating Method Thermal Oil Heating/Direct Heating
Bitumen Temperature (℃) 120 120 120 120
Method of Loading Barrels Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder
Length (mm) 7550 9000 11600 11600
Width (mm) 2250 2250 3350 3350
Height (mm) 2500 2500 2500 2500
Working Voltage (V) 380 380 380 380
Total Electrical Power (kW) 7.5 7.5 18 18
Total Weight (kg) 10000 11000 16000 18000

Main Components of Bitumen Melting Machine

Main components of bitumen melter include heating chamber, barrel inverter, rail, asphalt droplets recycle system, diesel burner, built-in boiler (include heat transfer oil mantle layer), hydraulic propulsion unit, gantry crane unit, air duct heating system, pipeline heating system, bitumen pump and pipeline system, automatic temperature control system, automatic liquid level alarm system and electrical control system. All these components are installed on one substructure (or in the heating chamber), making the asphalt melting machine an integrated structure.

How Does the Bitumen Melting Machine Work?

This bitumen decanter was specially designed to decant and heat up drummed bitumen. The hot oil flows into the asphalt melting machine to heat the melting chamber. Then the bitumen barrels (the upper covers removed by operators) were lifted by the electrical hoist on the beam of the gantry crane and moved onto the barrel inverter. The barrels are bottomed up and pushed onto the tray on the rail. Heat transfer oil and hot emission air work together to heat the bitumen barrel. When bitumen becomes melted, it drops down to a lower compartment, a melted bitumen pool, then the bitumen pump starts and pumps the liquid bitumen to the bitumen storage tank through bitumen pipelines. When all the bitumen falls off the barrels, you can refill other barrels into the melting chamber regardless of whether the melted bitumen pool is empty.

Main Features

1. It utilizes both burning air and oil heating pipe to melt the bitumen, more beneficial for clients.
2. Thermal oil furnace inside the main body, small, flexible, and easy to operate.
3. The equipment is given the ability to turn over the barrel, no need to do it yourself.
4. Releases no air pollution, processing part is well protected and sealed.
5. Auto temp-control and bitumen leveling system makes it smart.
6. Low requirement and cost of transportation, because of its excellent structure.
7. Install it anywhere you want, leave your excavator away, it's very simple.
8. Famous burner brand makes it more trustworthy.
9. Longer service life.

Installation and Precautions

1. Select the best location based on the site environment; lay the foundation according to the drawing. Notice that the cart trail must be in strict accordance with the basis of a predetermined angle in the drawing, so the cart can go smoothly into the Melting Machine.
2. Before use, inspect the asphalt melting machine first, including the pipes, valves, etc. Then you can start the machine while ensuring the necessary preheating procedure. Once the melting chamber reaches 150 ℃, you can do the rest work.
3. In order to ensure the melting speed, you need to keep the heating trough clean to ensure that the outlet tube is smooth.
4. To maintain the performance of the furnace and components, cleaning and painting the surface each year are necessary.
5. Observe the heat exhaust pipe frequently, immediately handle it when you find leak or anything.

Types of Bitumen Melting Machine

bitumen packed by barrels
Drummed bitumen decanter, used to melt the bitumen packed by barrels
bitumen packed by bags
Bagged bitumen melting machine, used to melt the bitumen packed by bags
 bitumen packed by wooden box or others
Block bitumen decanter, used to melt the bitumen packed by wooden box or others

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