Batch Mix Asphalt Plant ALB Series
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Plant LB Series
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ALB Series
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ALB Series
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ALB Series
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ALB Series
  • Asphalt Batch Mix Plant ALB Series

ALB Advanced Stationary Asphalt Plant

ALB series advanced asphalt mixing plants are developed by our company in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad, which can be used to produce asphalt gravel, asphalt concrete, asphalt sand, modified asphalt mixture, and other materials.

  • Model: ALB700 ~ ALB5000
  • Capacity: 60t/h ~ 400t/h
  • Highlights:
    Batch mix, European style, European standard, Cost-effective, Durable components, Energy-saving
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Model ALB700 ALB1000 ALB1200 ALB1500 ALB2000 ALB3000 ALB4000 ALB5000
Capacity (t/h) 60 80 100 120 160 240 320 400
Mixer(kg/batch) 700 1000 1200 1500 2000 3000 4000 5000
Storage Bins(m³) 4×8 4×10 4×10 4×12 5×14 5×18 6×18 6×22
Drying Drum (mm) Ф1570
Induced Draft Fan (kw) 30 55 75 75 110 160 220 300
Hot Aggregate Storage Hopper(m³) 13 15 20 25 40 50 75 90
Hot Aggregate Weighing Hopper (kg) 800 1250 1500 1750 2250 3250 4500 5500
Bitumen Weighing Hopper (kg) 150 200 200 300 300 450 600 800
Filler Weighing Hopper (kg) 150 200 200 300 300 450 600 800
Thermal Oil Heating System From 100 000 to1 300 000 kcal / h
Filler Bin(m³) By Agreement (Option)
Dust Bin(m³) By Agreement (Option)
Bitumen Tank By Agreement (Option)

Asphalt Batching Plant Components

Asphalt Mixing Plant ALB Series

1. Cold aggregate feeding system; 2. Inclined belt conveyor; 3. Drying system (drying drum + burner); 4. Dust filtration system; 5. Hot aggregate clevator; 6. Vibrating screen; 7. Hot aggregate bin; 8. Mixer and weighing system; 9. Hot asphalt silo; 10. Filler supply system; 11. Bitumen storage and supply system; 12. Control system and operator's cabin

Aggregate supplying system

1. Aggregate Supplying System

① Modular structure, with catwalk and ladder.
② Cold aggregate feeding rate can be adjusted by inverter.
③ Belt conveyors with protection devices, including emergency stop carrying roller, anti-reverse carrying roller, sidewall belt.
④ Auto compensation system, aggregate shortage alarming device.
⑤ Each cold aggregate bin is equipped with screen mesh to filter oversized aggregate.
⑥ Vibrators are installed on fine aggregate bins.

Drying drum

2. Drying Drum & Dust Filtration System

Drying Drum:
① Efficient dust filtration system, drying drum connected with baghouse filter, shortening dust filtration distance, improving dust filtration effect.
② Drying drum is made of wear and temperature resistant material, sturdy and durable.
③ Transmission devices are in close contact with drying drum.
④ Drying drum has thermal insulation layer (50mm thick, made of rock wool) and protection cover (made by stainless steel).
⑤ Transmission devices include motor with inverter, vibration resistant device, and lubricating system.
⑥ Temperature sensor is installed on the discharge gate of drying drum.

Dust Filtration System:
① Two stage dust filtration system: gravitational and baghouse dust filter.
② Gravitational filter is in front of baghouse dust filter.
③ Baghouse filter uses NOEMX bags, and have thermal insulation layer (50mm, rock wool).
④ Pulse jet dust filtration.

burner for alb asphalt plants

3. Burner

① Automatic burner, powerful fire power, low noise, energy saving, easy operation.
② Fuel: diesel, coal, heavy oil or natural gas.(It's recommended to utilize the fuel that you can get easily)

mixing tower of alb asphalt plant

4. Mixing Tower

Vibrating Screen
① Vibrating screen with optimized structure, high efficiency, low power consumption.
② Each vibration deck consists of two halves, convenient for replacement and maintenance.

Weighing System
① Hot aggregate bins are equipped with level indicator.
② Scarp discharge pipe and overflow pipe are installed on mixing tower.
③ Weighing system includes weighing sensor (load cell), signal is directly transmitted to control computer; weighing system has auto compensation function.
④ Load cell: FLINTEC from Germany.

mixers for alb asphalt plant

5. Mixer

① Mixing arm, paddle and liner are made of wear resistant material.
② Twin-shaft mixer are driven by synchronous motors, 3D mixing and blending inside the mixer, better mixing performance.
③ Bearing: SKF from Switzerland.
④ Catwalk and ladder on mixing tower made by hot galvanized material.

Bitumen Storage & Supply System

6. Bitumen Storage & Supply System

① Thermal oil heater: temperature of bitumen is automatically controlled and adjustable.
② Temperature sensor and liquid level sensor are installed.
③ Bitumen tanks with all necessary pipes, valves and pumps.

control system

7. Control System

① Monitoring the control structure and monitoring the process (temperature, pressure, frequency, etc.)
② Control mode: automatic or manual; Industrial computer.
③ Language: English, Chinese; You can switch languages at any time.
④ Electronics: SIEMENS.

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