Asphalt Batch Mix Plant for Sale

Asphalt batch mix plants are the most widely used type of asphalt plants. Batch mix means there is a time interval between two mixing batches. Usually, batch cycle is 40 to 45s.Asphalt batch mix plants produce high quality asphalt mixture for all grades of road pavement /rehabilitation and all sizes of asphalt production. Furthermore, they can be tailored as clients special requirements.
Liaoyuan Machinery manufactures several types of asphalt batch mix plants with capacity from 10-400t/h, including classic type--LB series, eco type--ELB series, energy efficiency type--JJW series, premium type--JNW series, mobile type--YLB series, compact type (no mixing tower)--QLB series.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, Model: LB3000, Capacity: 240t/h

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant LB Series

Model: LB700 ~ LB5000
Capacity: 60 ~ 400 T/H
Stationary plant, batch mix, precise aggregate batching and weighing;
Classic model, wide application, highly cost-effective, best-selling,

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, Model: ELB Series

Environmental Asphalt Mix Plant ELB Series

Model: ELB700 ~ ELB5000
Capacity: 60 ~ 400 T/H
Stationary plant, batch mix, precise batching, accurate weighing;
Environmental friendly, low dust emission, low noise, safe and clean.

Asphalt Mixing Plant, Model: JJW series.

Asphalt Mixing Plant JJW Series

Model: JJW3000 ~ JJW4000
Capacity: 260 t/h ~ 360 t/h
Energy efficiency, recycling asphalt system optional,
Vertical drying tower instead of drying drum; hot mix plant.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, Model: JNW series.

Premium Asphalt Plant JNW Series

Model: JNW180 ~ JNW340
Capacity: 180 ~ 340 T/H
Stationary plant, batch mix, precise batching and weighing, shorter batch cycle (≤40s);
Energy-saving, low operating expense, higher efficient, environmental-friendly .

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, mobile type, Model: YLB series

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant YLB Series

Model: YLB700 ~ YLB2000
Capacity: 60 ~ 160 T/H
Mobile plant,easy for transportation and installation, fast relocation;
Modular structure,batch mix, precise aggregate batching, accurate weighing.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, Model: QLB

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant QLB Series

Model: QLB10 ~ QLB80
Capacity: 10 ~ 80 T/H
Mobile,compact structure, batch mix, no mixing tower, ease of relocation;
Less land occupation, precise weighing, low initial cost, cost-effective.

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