Asphalt Mixing Plant

Premium Asphalt Mixing Plant ALB Series
Capacity: 60 ~ 400 t/h
Stationary|Batch Mix|Advanced
European style, European standard, Cost-effective, Energy-saving
Classical stationary Asphalt Mixing Plant LB Series
Capacity: 60 ~ 400 t/h
Stationary|Batch Mix|Most-sale
Precise screening, accurate weighing, versatile, wide application.
Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant YLB Series
Capacity: 60 ~ 160 t/h
Mobile|Batch Mix|Fast Relocation
Precise screening, accurate weighing. Modular structure, plant relocation takes 5 days.


CMB Super-mobile Asphalt Plant, fully portable
Capacity: 40 ~ 120 T/H
Supermobile|Drum mix|Rapid installation
All in One Mobility or Two; Reassembly Completed In Hours; Zero Foundation Required
Eco-friendly Asphalt Mixing Plant ELB Series
Capacity: 60 ~ 400 T/H
Stationary|Batch mix|Environmental
Precise screening, accurate weighing. Enclosed mixing tower, clean and safe.
continuous or called drum mix asphalt plant dhb series
Capacity: 40 ~ 100 t/h
Stationary|Drum Mix|Low Investment
Integrated structure,transportation optimized. Cost effective, shorter payback period.


cost-saving advanced asphalt mixing plant JNW series
Capacity: 180 ~ 340 T/H
Stationary|Batch mix|Energy-saving
Precise screening, accurate weighing. Shorter batch cycle, eco-friendly, low operation cost.
mobile drum mix asphalt plants by LYROAD
Capacity: 40 ~ 100 T/H
Mobile|Drum mix|Highly portable
Modular structure with mobile chassis, fast relocation. Lower initial investment.
Reclaimed Asphalt Recycling Plant RLB Series
Capacity: 60 ~ 160 T/H
Stationary|Hot recycling|Economical
Precise temperature ontrol, environmental and economical. RAP proportion upto 50%.


small-capacity QLB series asphalt mixing plant, 10-80t/h
Capacity: 10 ~ 80 T/H
Mobile|Batch mix|Towerless
Accurate weighing, fast relocation. Lower initial investment, shorter payback period.


Asphalt Mixing Plant Accessories and Complementary Products

pulverized coal burner RM500-RM4000
Model: RM500 ~ RM4000
Matched Asphalt Plant Output: 25 ~ 320 T/H
Coal burner assembly with pulverizer.
RY300-RY1250 Oil Burner, high combustion efficiency
Model: RY300 ~ RY1250
Matched Asphalt Plant Output: 25 ~ 170 T/H
Diesel / heavey oil / gas /dual-fuel burner.
50 ~ 260T/H output dryer, drying drum
Model: HG500 ~ HG3000
Matched Asphalt Plant Output: 50 ~ 260 T/H
Matched with batch or continuous asphalt plant.


Bag House Dust Filters with filtration area of 200-912㎡
Model: BD200B ~ BD900B
Filtration Area: 200 ~ 912 m²
Air Emissions≤20mg/Nm³, clean and quiet
homemade bitumen tanks well attached with our AMP
Type: Direct / Indirect Heated
Capacity: 10 ~ 40 m³
Vertical /horizontal, electric /thermal oil heated.
polymer Modified Asphalt Plant GLS series
Model: GLS15 ~ GLS30
Capacity: 15 ~ 30 T/H
SBS, PE, EVA,ohter polymer modified bitumen.


bitumen decanting machine or bitumen decanter, 4-10tph
Model: DT4 ~ DT8; YDT4 ~ YDT8
Capacity: 4 ~ 10 T/H
Melting and extracting solid bitumen in barrel.
Bitumen Emulsion Plant GLR series, 4-10TPH
Model: LR6 ~ LR10; GLR6 ~ GLR10
Capacity: 4 ~ 10 T/H
Common / modified bitumen emulsion.
Asphalt Rubber blending Plant 6-15tph capacity
Model: LYXL1606; LYXL3515
Capacity: 6 ~ 15 T/H
Container structure, recycling waste tyres.


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