Mobile Crawler jaw Crusher manufacuturer

Mobile Crawler Impact Crusher

  • Model: AMI1210 ~ AMI1214-B
  • Product Capacity: 80t/h ~ 300t/h
  • Significant Highlights:
    1. Modular Design
    2. Intelligent Control
    3. High Mobility and Cost-effectiveness
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Brief Introduction

AMI series mobile impact crusher plant is featured by sturdy structure, high fatigue resistance, and excellent impact resistance. it is suited to be used for secondary crushing of soft and medium-hard natural stone and construction waste.

AMI series mobile crawler impact crusher plant applies the currently world-leading impact crusher. Overall structure, materials selected, manufacturing process, assembly methods, and other aspects of the plants have been specially optimized or designed, enabling it to enjoy many unpreparable advantages, such as distinctive structure, reliable operation, large production capacity, and small output grain size, etc.It’s ideal for secondary crushing of rocks with high hardness and abrasion.

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Product Parameters

Model AMI1210 AMI1214 AMI1214-B
Feeding Unit Max. Feed Size(mm) 700 600 600
Feed Height(mm) 3850 3600 3600
Hopper Volume(m³) 6 5 5
Vibrating Feeder Length×Width(mm) 3900×1220 3650×1300 3650×1300
Power(kW) 3.7kW×2 3.0kW×2 3.0kW×2
Capacity(t/h) 500 400 400
Crusher Impact Crusher Model 250I 150I 150I
Crusher Inlet Length×Width(mm) 1360×930 1300×800 1300×800
Max. Feed Size(mm) 700 600 600
Rotor Size (mm) Φ1240×1270 Φ920×1200 Φ920×1200
Rotor Rotate Speed (rpm) 700 700 700
Weight(t) 18 15 15
Power(kW) 250 160 160
Main Belt Conveyor Height(mm) 3250 3200 3200
Length×Width(mm) 11000×B1200 9000×B1000 9000×B1000
Power(kW) 15 11 11
Return Screen Length×Width(mm) / 2500×1500 2600×1500
Power(kW) / 3.7kw×2 3.7kw×2
Transition Belt Conveyor Length×Width(mm) / 2000×B650 2000×B650
Power(kW) / 3 3
Transition Belt Conveyor A/B Length×Width(mm) / / 2000×B500
Power(kW) / / 3
Side Belt Conveyor Length×Width(mm) / / 6000×B650
Power(kW) / / 5.5
Return Belt Conveyor Length×Width(mm) / 8900×B650 8900×B650
Power(kW) / 4 4
End-Product Belt Conveyor Length×Width(mm) / 6000×B1000 6000×B1000
Power(kW) / 7.5 7.5
Iron Separator Length×Width(mm) / 1670×800 1670×800
Power(kW) / 3 3
Tail Belt Conveyor Length×Width(mm) 3200×B500 3200×B500 3200×B500
Power(kW) 3 3 3
Entire Machine Engine Power(kW) 118 85 85
Engine Model Cummins Cummins Cummins
Total Weight(t) 45.3 35 38
Processing Capacity(t/h) 150-300 80-200 80-200
Transport Dimensions(L×W×H) 17×3.7×3.8 15.7×3.7×3.5 16.4×3.7×3.5
Operation Dimensions(L×W×H) 17×3.5×3.8 15.7×4.1×4.2 16.4×7.5×4.2
Total Installed Power(kW) 276 205 214


1. The processing capacity of the crusher is related to stone hardness, feed grain size, and discharge grain size.

2. Standard configuration: manual control, wireless remote control.

3. Optional: return system, foldable side conveyor belt, iron seperator, dust-removal spraying system, belt conveyor hood, pre-screening system.

Main Features

1. Modular design, sturdy structure, higher fatigue resistance and stronger impact resistance.

2. The crusher case can be turned over for easier maintenance; Square handle bolts are employed to make the equipment more impact-resistant and wear-resistant.

3. Large feed opening, high crushing chamber, suitable for crushing high hardness and large block materials. Power consumption upon crushing suspended materials is much lower.

4. Well-designed hammerhead boasts a large impact force. Hammer shafts are adjustable, leading to a long service life of the hammerhead.

5. The grid size is adjustable, and the product particle size is accordingly controllable. Moreover, the product particles are output in good shape.

6. It comes with comprehensive crushing function, including impact, impact, collision (stones hitting each other), achieving high production efficiency, low wear of machine parts, and significant comprehensive benefits.

7. It adopts an intelligent wireless remote control device and walks on its own crawler. It can be operated by a single person remotely to get on and off the ordinary flatbed trailer to realize rapid relocation.

8. Word famous key devices are employed, Strickland track, Bonfiglioli /Brevini/Eaton drive motor, Cummins diesel engine, Schneider electrical elements, Eaton hydraulic plunger pump, Eaton hydraulic motor on belt conveyor and feeder, Omron remote controller, etc. Performance, service life and value of the crusher is guaranteed.

9. The pre-screening system can be chosen to mount and make screening function more comprehensive and excellent.

Main Components

feeding unit for mobile impact crusher plant for sale
1. Feeding Unit
③Simple and fast loading.
④Safe initial operation.
access hole on electric impact crusher plant
2. Manhole
①Easy to observe and operate for all components.
②Easy to maintain and clean.
control system on electric impact crusher plant
3. Control System
①Fast fault diagnosis.
②Convenient and intuitive operation.
return screen electric impact crusher plant
4. Return Screen
Bring oversized grains back to the feeding unit and make them crushed again.
maintenance platform on mobile impact crusher plant
5. Maintenance Platform
A platform is provided to help gain access to the crusher and the powerpack, and do inspection and maintenance work.
motorized pulley on mobile impact crusher plant
6. Belt Conveyor
Integrated belt conveyor, folding, hydraulic control.
remote-control-handle on mobile impact crusher plant
7. Remote Controller
All components and functions can be controlled easily via this hand-hold remote controller.
crawler of Mobile impact crusher plant
①British STRICKLAND track.
②Sturdy, stable and durable.
③Allow equipment to move flexibly at the jobsite.

Construction Case

Crawler Impact Crusher Plant AMI1214 + Crawler Mobile Screening Plant AMV10.8, Mainly process concrete blocks, output more than 100m³/h

Crawler Impact Crusher Plant AMI1214 +Crawler Mobile Screening Plant AMV10.8 , Mainly Process Concrete Blocks, Output More Than 100m³/h

Crawler Impact Crusher PlantA AMI1214-B + Crawler Mobile Screening Plant AMV8.2H, A classic combination, 200t/h pebble processing capacity

Crawler Impact Crusher Plant AMI1214-B + Crawler Mobile Screening Plant AMV8.2H, A Classic Combination, 200t/h Pebble Processing Capacity

Fully Hydranlic Crawler Cone Crusher Plant AMC200 + Crawler Mobile Screening Plant AMV8.2, A Most Preferred Combination

Fully Hydraulic Crawler Cone Crusher Plant AMC200 + Crawler Mobile Screening Plant AMV8.2, A Most Preferred Combination With Strong Processing Performance

A Combination Consisting Of Crawler Cone Crusher Plant and Crawler Mobile Screening Plant

A Combination Consisting Of Crawler Cone Crusher Plant and Crawler Mobile Screening Plant, 120t/h Pebble Processing Capacity


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