Lyroad Machinery here offers you the best chance to opt for asphalt plants in the complete listings. You can buy new and used asphalt production equipment based on their productivity, types, models, condition, prices, brands. More specific configurations are available for you to take into account before you place an order. Along with worry-free services, such as shipping, customs clearance, insurance, finance, you will get your hot mix plants pleasantly.

Asphalt plant is a piece of road construction equipment that is used to mix the aggregates and bitumen to produce the paving materials. Special fillers and additives may be needed to add to the mixture during this course. The end product, asphalt mixture, can be widely used for the construction of highways, urban roads, rural roads, parking lots, etc.

The prices of asphalt plants vary widely from $100,000 to $5,000,000, mainly depending on the production capacity, type, and configuration. Other factors like transportation means and freight also impose some impact on the prices as well.

Asphalt Plants For Sale

Price List of Best-selling Asphalt Plants 2021

LB1500 $300,000+ 120t/h
QLB40 $110,000+ 40t/h
YLB1500 $300,000+ 120t/h
ELB1000 $250,000+ 80t/h
JJW4000 $1,000,000+ 320t/h
MDHB80 $100,000+ 80t/h
SLB20 $100,000+ 20t/h
RLB80 $400,000+ 80t/h
JNW260 $1,800,000+ 260t/h
MDHB60 $130,000+ 60t/h

Asphalt Plants Shipment Videos

There are hundreds of types of asphalt plants for sale in the global market. Different regions favor different types. For example, batch mix equipment are more commonly seen in the maturer economies, like Europe, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, whereas continuous drum mix equipment is well-accepted and hot selling ever in the whole American continent. Whatever, asphalt plants are messively made and sold in such countries and regions as Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia, Europe, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Peru, Ethiopia, Australia, Algeria, Thailand, Uruguay, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, Zambia, Turkey, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Sudan, Colombia, Sri Lanka, India, Alexandria, Brooklyn, Florida, Germany, Waterbury, Indianapolis, Kansas city, kenya, Kelowna, New York,etc.

Valueable Purchase Tips To Learn About

1. How To Choose The Best Asphalt Equipment?
There are many factors needing to be taken into account when you endeavor to choose the best HMA mixer, such as your project's properties, your procurement budget, capacity, the model of hot mix facilities for sale, etc., each one of which has a huge impact on the final decision so that each one needs to be considered twice.

2. How Much Does An Hot Mix Plant Cost?
The prices vary from $23,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the type (batch mix, drum mix, mobile, recycling, environmentally friendly, small, mini, etc.), capacity (60t/h, 100t/h, 240t/h, 400t/h, etc.), the configuration of the device you choose. Other factors like mode of transportation, freight may also impose an influence on the total procurement cost. But whatever, your demand is the key point.

3. Tips For Buying HMA Mixer From China
It will be difficult for you to import asphalt producing equipment from China, if you are unfamiliar with Chinese suppliers, can't identify trade companies and real manufacturers. In view of this, we make this guide to help you avoid risks and detour and select the most suitable pavement material production plants.

4. Batch Mix VS Drum Mix
Batch mix equipment and drum mix equipment are differentiated in many aspects, ranging from working principle, equipment structure finished mixture to the price of hot mix plant for sale. If you want to buy a set, it's supposed to be the first question you must give much consideration. Once you make a decision between batch mixer for sale and drum mixer for sale, other issues will follow.

5. Types of Hot Mix Plants
So many types of mixing equipment, small/Large, mobile, batch/discontinuous, drum/continuous hot mix stations, are available on market. Learn about types of mixing stations here. When you decide to get your own one, the first issue you have to address is to determine what type of hot mixer you’d like to purchase.

6. Why Choose Us?
It is a significant decision for you to buy a mixing facility, but it is more important to choose a reliable manufacturer. Lyroad Machinery, a trustworthy China road construction machine manufacturer, has so many special competitive advantages that it attracts more and more overseas customers to seek cooperation.

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