asphalt recycling plant RLB series

Asphalt Recycling Plant RLB Series

  • Model: RLB60 ~ RLB160 Asphalt recycling plant for sale
  • RAP Process Capacity: 60 t/h ~ 160 t/h
  • RAP Proportion: 30% ~ 50%
  • Highlights:
    Precise temperature ontrol, saving fuel, no aging RAP;
    RAP proportion upto 50%, environmental and economical.
  • Introduction Parameters Features Photos

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    Brief Introduction
    Asphalt Recycling Plant RLB Series adds asphalt recycling equipments on LB Series; by using hot recycling technology, recycled asphalt mixtures are conveyed into mixer and mixed with aggregate and filler to produce new asphalt with good quality. RLB Series can fully make use of old asphalt mixture, save fuel and material, reduce pollution and waste, bring better economic and environmental benefits for clients.
    Model and Parameter
    Model RLB60 RLB80 RLB120 RLB160
    Capacity(RAP process) 60 t/h 80 t/h 120 t/h 160 t/h
    Fuel Consumption Coal: 13~15 kg/t; Diesel: 6~8 kg/t
    Weighing Accuracy Dynamic: ±2.5%; Static: ±0.5%
    Installed Power(RAP equipment) 130 kW 170 kW 230 kW 280 kW
    Matched asphalt
    plant and
    max. RAP
    LB1200 50% / / /
    LB1500 40% / / /
    LB2000 30% 50% / /
    LB3000 / 33% 50% /
    LB4000 / 25% 37% 50%
    Main Features

    1. Saving fuel: high performance burner, full combustion; optimized drying drum, hot air recycled before exhaust, higher heat utilization rate;
    2. Minimal pollutants: asphalt fumes and harmful gas recycled into drying drum and burn again, reducing harmful fume emission; multi-stage dust collecting system, reducing dust emission;
    3. Full automatic control by the computer on the air flow through the control of the dampers and the temperature monitoring by the thermometer at various positions, bringing the recycled material to the ideal temperature for the mixing with the virgin material; avoiding aging asphalt or asphalt burning;
    4.Recycled asphalt proportion reaches up to 50%.

    Component Details

    Front: RAP processing unit

    RAP feeder

    RAP drying drum

    Virgin aggregate drying drum


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