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LB Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

LB series batch plants, precise screening, accurate weighing, versatile, wide application

Model: LB700 ~ LB5000
Production Capacity: 60 ~ 400 T/H

DHB Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

 asphalt drum mix plants with integrated structure, transportation optimized, Cost effective, shorter payback period

Model: DHB40 ~ DHB100
Production Capacity: 40 ~ 100 t/h

YLB Mobile Asphalt Plant

YLB mobile asphalt mixing plants, Precise screening, accurate weighing. Modular design, plant relocation only takes 5 days

Model: YLB700 ~ YLB2000
Production Capacity: 60 ~ 160 t/h

ELB Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Environmentally friendly, 
Precise screening, accurate weighing. Enclosed mixing tower, ensure clean and safe production

Model: ELB700 ~ ELB5000
Production Capacity: 60 ~ 400 t/h

QLB Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

small asphalt mixing plant, featured with Accurate weighing, fast relocation. Lower initial investment, shorter payback period

Model: QLB10 ~ QLB80
Production Capacity: 10 ~ 80 t/h

RLB Hot Recycling Asphalt Plant

hot recycling plant, Precise temperature ontrol, environmental and economical. RAP proportion upto 50%

Model: RLB60 ~ RLB160
Production Capacity: 60 ~ 160 t/h

JNW Asphalt Mixing Plant

premium mixing plant, focus on energy saving. Precise screening, accurate weighing. Shorter batch cycle, eco-friendly, low operation cost

Model: JNW180 ~ JNW340
Production Capacity: 180 ~ 340 t/h

Concrete Batching Plants

concrete batching plant

Model: HZS / YHZS
Production Capacity: 25 ~ 150 m³/h

About Liaoyuan Machinery

Liaoyuan Road Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., the leader of China road construction equipment manufacturers, has been committed to R&D, manufacture and sales of asphalt mixing plants and other road construction machinery since 2004. More than 15 years' efforts make Liaoyuan Machinery a famous asphalt plant manufacturer worldwide.
Main Product: Batch mix, drum mix, mobile, portable, mini, hot recycling plants, concrete mixing plants and other road construction machinery.
Sales Achievement:  Over 400 sets of mixing plants have been exported to 80 countries, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Chile, Zambia, Ukraine, Uganda, Sudan, Nicaragua, Mozambique, Morocco, Mongolia, Costa Rica, D.R. Congo, Angola, Egypt...... Read More

Successful Cases


Bitumen Plant

Bitumen plant is usually used as the abbreviation for bitumen mixing plant or bitumen production plant.

What Is Asphalt Plant

Asphalt plants, also called asphalt mixing plants or hot mix plants, are equipment that can combine aggregates and bitumen to produce asphalt mix for road paving. Mineral fillers and additives may be required to add to the mixing process in some...

The Best Concrete Batching Plants For 2021

Concrete batching plant, also known as concrete mixing plant, is a machine that can homogeneously blend various ingredients like aggregate (rocks, gravel, sand), fly ash, cement, silica fume, slag, water, and other admixtures to produce concrete.

The Best Asphalt Plants For 2021

Asphalt plants, also known as asphalt mixing plants, are equipment that helps you create asphalt concrete for road pavement. In 2021, many players join in the market; new techniques are invented to reduce energy consumption and enhance mobility....

Mobile Concrete Batching Plants For Sale

Mobile concrete batching plant is a transportable and easy-to-assemble plant used to manufacture batches of concrete mix time-savingly and efficiently. With all units fixed on one or two chassis, it can be towed by a truck tractor, implement faster and...

Company News

Two Sets of LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plants are Being Installed in Syria

On April 18, 2019, with the last batch of components being loaded on the transport vehicles and leaving the factory of Liaoyuan Machinery, two sets of LB1500 asphalt...

A Set Of LB1000 Left Our Factory and Rushed to Bangladesh

From July 25th to 26th, eight transport vehicles loaded with the components of a set of LB1000 asphalt mixing plant left the factory of Liaoyuan Machinery in Nanyang...

JJW4000 Enjoys Advantages Of Resource Saving and Large Output

JJW4000 premium hot mix equipment, the most cutting-edge asphalt concrete making facility, adopts vertical drying craft, synchronized decrement weighing method and is...

Liaoyuan Road Machinery Elected as Board Member of CCMA

During April 20 to 22, 2018, 1st Session Membership Representative Conference of Pavement and Maintenance Branch of CCMA---- China Construction Machinery Association...

Our Road Construction Equipment Gain Recognition At Bauma Munich 2019

Bauma Munich 2019 was grandly opened in Germany on April 8th. Being held for 32 sessions, Bauma Munich has long been a top exhibition of global construction machinery...

80+ Countries Presence,400+ Asphalt Plants Exported
80+ Countries Presence
400+ Mixing Plants Exported

Liaoyuan Machinery, a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, commenced international trade since 2012. By virtue of sophisticated management and rigorous quality control, our products drew lots of attention from overseas and gain numerous orders within a short time. Uninterrupted technical innovation and product optimization are the reasons why our sales keep increasing these years.

22 Utility Patents,10 Design Patents
22 Utility Patents
10 Design Patents

Liaoyuan Machinery is a trustworthy manufacturer. With the efforts of all company staff, our R&D strength gets enhanced continuously. Till now, we have been awarded tens of patents, which help us become a player of the top class of China road-building equipment manufacturers. we'll go forward in the specialization direction and stick to focus on technical innovation, strengthening the competitiveness of our products and prices.

CE, ISO, EAC Certified,CCMA Director
CE , ISO , EAC Certified
CCMA Director

Our quality management system follows ISO9001/ISO14001, and our products are with CE and EAC certificate.Our machinery is committed to being the best in the business. Liaoyuan Machinery was elected as Board Member of CCMA( China Construction Machinery Association) in 2018. That means Liaoyuan has become influential and has won wide recognition in the road machinery industry of China. It's our goal to create more value to clients and partners both in domestic and abroad.

China NO.1 Asphalt,Plant Exporter
China NO.1 Asphalt
Plant Exporter

In 2017, Liaoyuan exported over 60 sets of hot mixing plants to our international clients, ranking first in China. What'more, if all the sales in the last ten years are summed up, compared with other mixing plant manufacturers in China, Liaoyuan Machinery is also expected to take the first prize, becoming NO.1 asphalt plant manufacturer and exporter. As an export-oriented manufacturer, Liaoyuan Machinery will try its best to serve all international customers.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Indonesia

Hot mix plants manufacturer for Indonesia, batch mix, drum mix, mobile, portable asphalt plants for sale in Indonesia with nice price and quality. Compact structure and stable performance, 200-400TPH large capacity, low initial cost, perfect after-sale service, CE and EAC certificate, make them well-received in Indonesia.

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale In Pakistan

China asphalt mixing plants manufacturer, batch mix, drum mix, mini, mobile ones for sale in Pakistan. Full range, including LB, YLB, ELB, SLB, RLB, DHB, MDHB series, capacity ranged from 8tph to 400tph, the most reasonable price, Exported many sets to Pakistan smoothly and have rich service experience.

Asphalt Plants For Sale In Thailand

Liaoyuan Machinery, best manufacturer of drum/batch, mobile, mini hot mixing plants for sale in Thailand. LB, YLB, ELB, JJW, JNW, DHB, MDHB, RLB series, capacities from 8tph to 400tph, low price in Thailand, with CE and EAC certificate, exported many to Thailand since 2012 and is the most popular exporter.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Myanmar

A detailed guide on buying batch mix, drum mix, mobile, mini, portable mixing stations for sale at low price in Myanmar. Best China manufacturer, Liaoyuan Machinery can meet all road project demands in Myanmar with LB, DHB, QLB, SLB, MDHB series hot mix plants. LB500 popular in Myanmar.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Malaysia

Batch type, drum type hot mix plant China manufacturer, supplies mobile, portable ones for sale in Malaysia, best-sell LB1500's price most attractive. 60+ models of road construction machines, 8tph-400tph optional capacity, low cost, as a trustworthy mixing station manufacturer in Malaysia, Liaoyuan Machinery provide professional and sound service.

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale In Philippines

Batching, drum, portable, mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale in Philippines by Liaoyuan Machinery, top hot mix plant manufacturer. not high cost in Philippines, you can achieve a nice return from investment. shipped and installed many DHB, YLB, LB, MDHB series in Philippines with low price and good service.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Singapore

Batch, drum, portable, mobile, mini asphalt mixing plants for sale, low price, manufacturer and supplier in Singapore, Liaoyuan Machinery. Transportation issues like freight charge, valuable tips for buying ones for sale in Singapore. DHB60, MDHB60, SLB30 with high manufacturing standard, well-accepted in Singapore.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Bangladesh

Batch mix, mobile, drum mix plants for sale in Bangladesh, with ex-factory price, long-lasting durability, from supplier Liaoyuan Machinery. YLB/QLB/MDHB mobile ones hot sell in Bangladesh. LB1500,120tph mixing plants work well on site. Customers can always get our after-sale maintenance support.

Hot Mix Plant For Sale In Sri Lanka

Top Chinese manufacturer, drum, batch, mobile, portable hot mix plants for sale, low price in Sri Lanka. Liaoyuan Machinery’s mobile mixing plants YLB, MDHB, QLB series with capacity from 60tph-120tph most popular in Sri Lanka

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Australia

Top mixing equipment manufacturer, Liaoyuan Machinery, provides batch/drum, mobile, environmental hot mix plants for sale in Australia. Models such as JJW, JNW, LB, YLB, ELB, RLB, DHB, MDHB, capacities from 8tph to 400tph. low price in Australia. Established deep relationship with Australian market.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Russia

Batch/drum, mobile/portable asphalt mixing plants for sale by Liaoyuan Machinery, supplier and manufacturer in Russia. Mixing machine LB series ranks first in Russia market, LB1000, LB1500 with 80tph and 120tph capacity are best-selling models. Mobile is the second to it. Attractive price GUARANTEED in Russia.

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale In Kazakhstan

Drum, batch, mobile, portable hot mix plant supplier and manufacturer, and for sale with low price in Kazakhstan. Liaoyuan Machinery’s hot mixing plants LB, YLB, MDHB, QLB, DHB series with capacity from 60tph-120tph are the most popular in Kazakhstan.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Uzbekistan

Hot mix station supplier, batch/drum, mobile, small asphalt mixing plants for sale, low cost, low price in Uzbekistan. Liaoyuan Machinery built strong relationship with Uzbekistan market. 50+ sets of LB, DHB, MDHB, YLB series, 40tph-240tph ones shipped to Uzbekistan and all running smoothly right now.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Saudi Arabia

Liaoyuan Machinery, mixing plants manufacturer, supplier, with low price, drum/batch mix, mobile, portable mixing plants for sale in Saudi Arabia. hot mix plants models and price, our successful case in Saudi Arabia. buying tips for Saudi Arabian customers here. low initial cost and gain a good return.

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale In Nigeria

Drum, batch, portable, small, mobile asphalt mixing plants for sale in Nigeria, high quality and low price in Nigeria. DHB/MDHB/SLB series with capacity below 100tph continuous types well accepted in Nigeria. Top China manufacturer, Liaoyuan machinery, satisfies Nigerian customers with nice equipment for sale.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Kenya

Batch, mobile, drum, portable asphalt mixing plant manufacturer and supplier, low cost/price to get hot mix plants for sale in Kenya. Liaoyuan Machinery, best exporter of hot mix stations in Kenya, familiar with Kenyan requirements. several MDHB20, 20tph capacity ones shipped to Kenya and erected, fully functional now.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Cambodia

Higher-quality, better price, best manufacturer and supplier, drum/batch mix, mobile, portable hot mixing plants for sale in Cambodia. JJW/JNW series batching stations, many patent technologies, resource/power saving, the most advanced in Cambodia. full range of high-performing ones, higher manufacturing standard.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Kyrghyzstan

Drum, batch, portable, small, mobile hot mix plants for sale, high quality and low price in Kyrghyzstan. Liaoyuan Machinery, road construction equipment manufacturer in Kyrghyzstan. Excellent batching plants with long-lived components, produce high quality finished mixture. Large capacity 240tph or even 320tph, maintenance-friendly ones save much cost.

Asphalt Plants For Sale In Ethiopia

Drum, batch, mobile, portable hot mix plants for sale supplied by mixing factory manufacturer, low price in Ethiopia. Liaoyuan Machinery’s mobile type YLB, MDHB, QLB series with capacity from 60tph-120tph are the most popular in Ethiopia

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Tanzania

Liaoyuan Machinery provides batch/drum mix, mobile, portable hot mix plants for sale in Tanzania. because of lowest cost and best performance, Tanzania clients like to buy LB1500. Offer solutions about burner, dust removal, weighing device.etc for customers.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Chile

20+ sets of mobile/portable, batch mix, drum mix plants for sale in Chile exported by Liaoyuan Machinery, best manufacturer in Chile. Sell mixing plants at quite nice price. Needs in Chile increasingly varied, YLB and DHB mobile/drum ones are chosen more in Chile.

Hot Mix Plant For Sale In Zambia

China manufacturer, Liaoyuan Machinery, batch/drum mix plants, portable, mobile hot mix stations for sale at lowest price In Zambia. Our LB1000-LB4000 erected in Zambia, durable and running smoothly without problems. high level of flexibility, available options, suitable for many projects in Zambia.

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale In Ukraine

Many mixing plants for sale in Ukraine are exported at low price by batch/drum mix, mobile, mini mixing plants China manufacturer and supplier, Liaoyuan Machinery, provide high-performing ones in Ukraine, mobile with capacity 40tph-80tph, high level of flexibility, impressive all-rounder, win the customers highly recognition.

Asphalt Plants For Sale In Sudan

Batch/drum mix, portable, mobile mixing machine for sale, Liaoyuan Machinery, China manufacturer, lowest price to buy them in Sudan. high aggregate weighing technology, filler addable, 5 kinds of burners optional, 4-5 layer vibrating screens, our LB1000/1500 in Sudan, environmental impact lowed to minimum.

Hot Mix Plant For Sale In Angola

Liaoyuan Machinery, hot mix plants manufacturer, with low price, supplies drum/ batch mix, mobile, mini, portable ones for sale in Angola. see models and price in Angola,our successful cases in Angola. buying tips for Angola customers here. Gain a good ROI at far lower initial cost.

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale In Argentina

At Low price, buy batch/drum mix, mobile/portable, mini/small hot mixing plants for sale in Argentina from top manufacturer.our flagship, LB series, 80tph-200tph capacity, very cost-efficient, beloved by Argentina customers. many successful cases of batching equipment, lower cost than other supplier in Argentina.

Asphalt Mixing Plants For Sale In Algeria

Low cost to buy batch mix, drum mix, mobile hot mixing plants for sale in Algeria, batch mix plants, concrete batching equipment manufacturer in Algeria. Liaoyuan Machinery, road construction equipment China manufacturer in Algeria, got many orders for LB1500, 120tph capacity and mobile ones for sale. customers in Algeria satisfied with low cost and perfect service.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Turkmenistan

Liaoyuan Machinery, mobile, portable, batch type, drum type plants supplier and manufacturer, has full range of mixing plants for sale In Turkmenistan. LB, YLB, ELB, SLB, QLB, DHB, MDHB series for sale with lower price In Turkmenistan, various capacity, CE and EAC certificate, build up deep cooperation relationship with Turkmenistan market.

Hot Mix Plant For Sale In Uganda

It is a good time now to invest on mobile, portable, batch/drum mix plants for sale in Uganda with lower prices. top manufacturer, China mixing station supplier, Liaoyuan Machinery, offers LB/ELB/YLB/JNW series batch mix plants for Ugandan highway projects. Our mobile, large-capacity mixing equipment has also won highly praise in Ugandan market.

Hot Mix Plant For Sale In Nicaragua

Mobile/portable, mini/small, batch/drum mixing plants for sale in Nicaragua, top manufacturer, attractive price, high-quality devices. Liaoyuan Machinery, supplier of MDHB, YLB mobile mixing factory in Nicaragua, with mobile chassis, easy for relocation, 40tph, 60tph, quite suitable for road maintenance and Rural road paving projects.

Asphalt Factory For Sale In Mozambique

Batch mix, drum mix, portable, mobile hot mix plants manufacturer, liaoyuan supplies products for sale at lower price in Mozambique, Our LB1500, with capacity of 120tph, precise batching, most cost-effective ones in Mozambique, mainly applied in highway road construction and other civil construction. Other drum mix type, DHB/MDHB continuous mixing series can meet road infrastructure construction requirements fully with their stable performance and durable feature.

Asphalt Plants For Sale In Morocco

Drum mix, batch mix, portable, mobile mixing plants for sale in Morocco. Liaoyuan Machinery, top supplier in Morocco. Excellent batch mix devices with long-lived components, high quality finished mixture, Large capacity 160tph, 240tph or even 320tph, maintenance-friendly ones save much cost and energy. Liaoyuan Machinery also manufactures and supplies mobile,small capacity ones featured by easy relocation and reinstallation, lower cost and higher return.

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale In Mongolia

Top asphalt mixing plants manufacturer and supplier, Liaoyuan Machinery, provides batch/drum mix, mobile, portable type of stations for sale in Mongolia, covering LB, ELB, YLB, DHB, MDHB, QLB, SLB series, and most advanced JNW, JJW series. Batch mix type LB series with capacity from 100tph to 300tph most beloved in Mongolia. detailed mixing facility price, shipment information, cases for reference, buying tips, all available here.

Hot Mix Plant For Sale In Costa Rica

High-quality drum mix, batch mix, portable, small, mobile mixing plants for sale with low prices in Costa Rica. DHB/MDHB/SLB series with capacity below 100tph and YLB series with chassis equipped on mixing plants both well accepted in Costa Rica. Top China hot mix device manufacturer, Liaoyuan machinery, tries its best to satisfy Costa Rican customers with lower prices and excellent after-sale service as much as possible.

Asphalt Factory For Sale In East Timor

The best-selling mixing plants being functional in East Timor are from batch/drum mix, mobile, mini, portable asphalt mixing facility China manufacturer and supplier, Liaoyuan Machinery, enjoying advantages of lower price and high-performing, mobile mixing equipment with capacity 40tph-80tph, batch or drum type, especially our MDHB, QLB, SLB series mixing devices, high level of flexibility, impressive all-rounder, best choice for rural road projects and road maintenance projects, long time cooperation established, win the East Timor customers highly prises.

Asphalt Plant For Sale In Egypt

Drum mix, batch mix, mobile, mini, portable,small mixing plants for sale in Egypt and North Africa, low mixing plants price, best China road construction machinery manufacturer in Egypt and North Africa, Liaoyuan Machinery. With LB, YLB, ELB, JNW, JJW series mixing equipment hot sold in Egypt, we have rich mixing machinery exporting experience, know Egyptian market well, customize mixing plants as per requirement for Egyptian clients. our product types and capacities are pretty diverse, whatever your demands are, we will satisfy you with reassuring mixing equipment.

Asphalt Mixing Plants For Sale In Papua New Guinea

We, asphalt mixing plants manufacturer, Liaoyuan Machinery, Batch mix, drum mix, portable, mobile, mini type, 60+ models of hot mix plant for sale at lowest prices in Papua New Guinea. Advanced cold and hot aggregate weighing technology, several kind of burners available, filler addable, customized vibrating screens, mobile chassis convenient for relocation. Our mixing plants provided to Papua New Guinea are with high quality and high cost-effectiveness, prefect after-sale service. Get a quote about mixing equipment and get started now.

Asphalt Factory For Sale In Senegal

Diverse models of batch/drum mix, mini, portable, mobile hot mixing devices exported to African market by top Chinese manufacturer Liaoyuan Machinery and for sale in Senegal, too. We welcome your order of customizing mixing equipment from Senegal. Products including our every series of mixing plants and concrete batching plants cost less than other counterparts, but quality are even better. Our technician familiar with Senegal’s condition and can resolve your problems immediately. worry-free service will be given to customers warmheartedly.

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