What Is Bitumen Sprayer?

Bitumen sprayers are truck-mounted or trailer-mounted vehicles especially used to distribute bitumen on the pavement for road building and maintenance. It is also known as bitumen distributor. A typical bitumen sprayer is comprised of truck chassis, heated storage tank, pressured spraying system, PTO, and control system.

The price range of bitumen sprayer trucks is between $45,000 and $200,000. The techniques to make bitumen sprayers ensure high efficiency of sprinkling and application on large areas with superior quality. Other than bitumen, bitumen emulsion can also be sprayed by these bitumen distributors. In addition to truck-mounted ones, the separate upper main structures are also provided on demand if you need them.

Bitumen Sprayers For Sale

LYROAD has been engaged in the design, manufacture, and sales of bitumen sprayers since its foundation. Proven quality and competitive prices win clients' trust around the world. To date, our bitumen sprayer trucks have been sold and exported to 40 countries, such as Australia, Sri Lanka, UK, Brisbane, South Africa, Europe, India, Perth, Victoria, Kenya, New Zealand, Texas, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ethiopia.

How Does A Bitumen Sprayer Work?

The Working Video Of Bitumen Sprayer Truck

1. Add the bitumen required, start the heating system to keep it warm via the circulation of heat transfer oil.
2. Calculate the speed of the vehicle and the rotating speed of the bitumen pump according to the amount of spraying. Then do some simulation operations.
3. Let Bitumen pumps and bitumen pipelines work in small circulation.
4. Set spray width and bitumen pump rotating speed. Then open the sprayer frame and raise it to a suitable height.
5. Transfer the bitumen system from small circulation to large circulation.
6. Start spraying, the bitumen will be sprayed from the frame; turn off the spraying master control when the work area is completed.
7. Close the sprinkler frame, and clean the pipeline.

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