Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant Sold to Sichuan

Two days earlier, we transported an asphalt plant to Sichuan. Now the other 500t stabilized soil mixing plant will be transported to Sichuan on 30th Sep. The loading lasted from noon to dusk. Sichuan client has strong confidence in our company, and we will try our best to make them satisfied.

Asphalt Plant Transported to Sichuan in Morning

At the beginning of September, 2015, our company received two orders from Sichuan client, who purchased an asphalt plant and a set of stabilized soil mixing plant from us. After two weeks handwork day and night, these two machineries had finally been produced on 26th, September. After a day’s preparation and inspection, we decide to transport the machineries the next day. Before 9 o’clock on 28th, the components of the asphalt plant have been fixed on the trailer, ready to go.

Sichuang Client Bought Another Asphalt Plant

September is a busy month for us. On 26th, we sent another LB5000 asphalt plant to Sichuan again. Lately, we shipped a lot of machineries to foreign countries. Although we are so busy, our teams never feel relaxed, we still concentrate on every process of the packaging, transportation and so on, so that our client can get what they want.

Another Cooperation with Chile Client

We cooperated with Chile client again in September, 2015. Last year, they bought MDHB mobile asphalt drum plant for us. Before the transportation, we already arranged engineers to inspect all the components that wait to be trucked. We checked the quantity and quality in order to achieve flawless.

Two Sets of Asphalt Plants Shipped to Angola

In the middle of August, 2015, Angola clients ordered two sets of compulsory asphalt plants from our company. According to their requirement, we customized the whole machine banana yellow. Since we got large orders recently, we need to transport these two plants to the ports with no hesitation. Starting from 24th Sep, we work day in day out, and get these two machineries settled in two days. What we do is for the convenience of our clents.

LB2000 Asphalt Plant Sent to Nanning

September 22nd, 2015 is a rainy day, however, our colleagues were busy transporting the LB2000 asphalt batch plant to Guangxi today. This asphalt plant was ordered two weeks ago. We finished the production the first time and started to load the components. Together with the products, we sent several engineers to Guangxi to help the installation and commissioning of this asphalt plant. Soon it can be employed to make high quality asphalt mixture.

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