Cooperate with Hunan Client Again

10 October, 2015, Hunan client ordered a set of LB2000 asphalt batching plant from our company. Since their need is pretty emergent, we finished the production as fast as we can. On 2nd Nov, the asphalt plant is successfully manufactured. But considering their need, we start the inspection, packing and truck loading the very next day. Every process is perfect. In the evening of Nov 3rd, we transported the whole plant. And the client is happy about it.

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South Africa Client Bought a LB1500 Asphalt Plant

On 29th Oct. 2015, the LB1500 asphalt batch plant that South Africa client ordered is successfully packed and loaded on trucks, waiting for the shipment. We have cooperated with this client so many times that trust has been established. So without more negotiation, they quickly placed the order, and we did our best to manufacture this plant within the expected working period, which will be a big surprise for them.

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The 11th Asphalt Plant was Shipped to Africa This Year

Since the infrastructure construction of Africa countries moves fast, our cooprations with Africa clients also gets more and more frequent. Before the end of the third season, we already transported 10 asphalt plants to Africa, now the 11th is about to be shipped out on 23rd Oct. 2015. In a few weeks later, another asphalt plant will sent to South Africa.

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Asphalt Plants Sent to Guizhou and Zimbabwe the Same Day

17th Oct, 2015 is a busy day for us, because we need to send out two sets of asphalt plants today. One is the LB1500 asphalt mixing plant for Guiyang client, and the other one is the LB2000 that needs to be shipped to Zimbabwe. The two machineries were loaded at the same time, however the entrucking task is well organized and ordered, under the charge of the supervisor, this two plants are separately set. They will arrive to their destinations very soon.

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LB4000 Asphalt Plant Transported to Guangxi

A set of LB4000 asphalt mixing plant transported to Guangxi on 15th October, 2015. Since our client wants this plant urgently, we manufactured this machinery as fast as we can, on premise of superior quality. Although the time is urgent, all the parts are made strictly according to the client’s requirements: The whole body adopts top materials; all the welded joint are even and secure; secondary dedusting pattern greatly reduces the pollution emission; and other properties that maximize cilent’s profit.

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Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant Sold to Sichuan

Two days earlier, we transported an asphalt plant to Sichuan. Now the other 500t stabilized soil mixing plant will be transported to Sichuan on 30th Sep. The loading lasted from noon to dusk. Sichuan client has strong confidence in our company, and we will try our best to make them satisfied.

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