On October 17, 2016, another asphalt plant was finished in LYROAD’s workshop and ready to move. The Asphalt Plant was a set of LB-1500 with a productivity of 120TPH; its client was from Bangladesh. The Asphalt Plant adopted water dust collector as secondary dust removal system. The climate of Bangladesh is very humid and rich in rains, thus, few dusts will rise in air. Water dust collector will, on one hand, meet requirements of environmental protection; on the other hand, save clients cost.

Container stuffing works commenced in the early morning of October 17. Through the diligent efforts of our workers, all components and parts of the plant were stuffed in containers and loaded on trucks by dusk. Later, the plant left our factory for Qingdao Port; its final destination was Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s population is big, more or less 158million; however, its infrastructure is weak. On June 14, 2010, the government of Bangladesh issued Perspective Plan of Bangladesh 2010 -2021, envisaged improving the comprehensive transport capacity of infrastructure, including railway, roads, inland water transportation and marine transportation to overseas countries. In the Perspective Plan, Bangladesh is planning to increase the rate of paved roads to 80%. On October 14, Xi Jinping, Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, visited Bangladesh and advocated an enhancement on cooperation in trade and big infrastructural projects between Bangladesh and China. There will be a bright future for road construction in Bangladesh; LYROAD Machinery is willing to offer quality and cost-effective asphalt mixing plants for Bangladesh so as to accelerate their road construction.

The following tables are roads in Bangladesh. The left one is a road in Chittagong built by Sinahydro Bureau 8 Co., Ltd; the right one is road bridge in north Bangladesh.

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