Yunnan Client Ordered Asphalt Plant Again

In early December, 2015, Yunnan client ordered the LB1500 asphalt batch plant from our company again. This client is a friend of our former client. He made sufficient investigation and research on our asphalt plant.

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China First Environmental Asphalt Plant Established for Oceania Nation

Congratulations to the successful commissioning of China first complete environmental asphalt mixing plant built for Oceania country.

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Asphalt Plant Load in the Snow for Brazil Client

On 24th Nov. 2015, it snows for the first time in Nanyang city. Although the road is slippery, we managed to ship out the asphalt plant to Brazil in time. In order to send the asphalt plant to our client as, we arranged staffs to clean the road for the transportation firstly, and took skidproof measure because the frost generated on the bottom of the container. Before the dusk, the asphalt plant had been transported to the port.

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Asphalt Batch Plant Shipped to South Africa Again

In the beginning of November, Zimbabwe Client visited our company and ordered a LB3000 asphalt mixing plant, this is the third cooperation with Zimbabwe client. On 21st Nov. 2015, we checked and packed the asphalt plant components from the dawn. The rain from the sky made the loading more difficult. To ensure the product quality, all the workers worked hard in the rain, and finally did the job on time. The client feels satisfied about this.

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Transport Asphalt Plant in the Night

With the development of China, many provinces put more focus on the road quality. Especially Yunnan, which devotes a lot on local road construction. Thus their needing of asphalt is growing fast. Our asphalt plants is very popular in Yunnan province, and we cooperate so many times with Yunan client. So, on Nov. 16th, another asphalt plant had been send out.

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LB1000 Asphalt Plant Shipped to Zambia

On Nov. 12th 2015, We packed and transported a set of LB1000 asphalt mixing plant to the Shanghai port. This plant is ordered by Zambia Client in October. According to their requirement, we paint yellow on the water-proof undercoat. Also we made many other small improvements. In the early morning of 12th, we started the loading. Although it’s raining, we finished the transportation as fast as we can.

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