Delivery of Asphalt Mixing Plant in Early Autumn

August 8 is the beginning of autumn in 2015, and today our LB4000 asphalt mixing plant will be shipped to Libya, which indicates our fruitful future. The Libyan clients contacted us through our other customers. Before they came, they have to know our products very well.

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Asphalt Plant Get Ready for Shanxi

Today’s job can’t wait for tomorrow. Recently we received an order from Shanxi customers wanting the LB800 asphalt mixing plant, and the production work was completed today in the morning of August 4, 2015. At the same time, we need to complete the transportation as soon as possible, so we moved on without any hesitation. The loading started near the noon, it took 8 hours for us to get the job done. It was getting dark when we finished the transportation, though the summer is coming to the end, but our enthusiasm does not change a bit, we believe that the Shanxi customer must be satisfied with our services.

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LB2000 Asphalt Mixing Plant Tranported to Hunan under the Scorching Sun

Along with the constant climbing of our business activities, the temperature is also rising intensely, on July 25, 2015, it has reached 37 ℃ temperature. However, the workers have conquered the hot sun and busy loading the asphalt plant onto the truck. This was the LB2000 asphalt plant sent to the Hunan province. In order to help customers to install the plant, we labeled marks on each part of the machine. In other aspects, we also made adjustments according to customer requirements.

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LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant Sent to Sichuan Again

July 21, 2015, the LB1500 asphalt mixing plant Sichuan customer ordered is successfully produced and loaded on truck to Sichuan. This is not our first time cooperate with Sichuan customers, and based on their trust to our products and services, we become the first thought of Sichuan customer. After receiving the order, we have completed the production as fast as we can, and packed the asphalt plant in such a hot day, just to ensure that our customer can receive the product in time.

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LB1500 Asphalt Plant Shipped to Russia

From 23 to 25 June, we successfully sent LB1500 (batch type) asphalt plant to Russia. Because of the Modular design of our asphalt plant, it is convenient to fill the machinery into containers for road and sea transport.

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13th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar

From 22nd to 25th, our company will attend the 13th Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (BICES) held in Beijing New International Exhibition Center, our booth is E2129, pavilion 4.

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