Plant Location:New South Wales, Australia
Type:Batch mixing, stationay hot mix asphalt plant
Productivity:80 t/h
  Enclosed mixing tower, minimal dust emission;
  Environmental friendly, safety

Australia Government attaches great importance on environmental protection; thus our Australian client has strict requirements when we design and manufacture this plant. Our engineers adopt state-of-the-art technology and our best workmanship to satisfy client’s requirements.

1. Client requirement:
Minimal air pollution, dust emission must be lower than 100mg/Nm³.
Our response:
(i)Enclosed mixing tower, reducing dust emission; (ii)Select best diesel burner, use diesel as fuel; (iii)Adopts two stage dust filter: primary stage----gravitational dust filter: remove large sized dust and reclaimed them to filler silo; secondary stage----bag house filter, pulse jet type, final dust emission is less than 20mg/Nm³

2. Client requirement:
Furnished with safety devices.
Our response:
(i)Install door to mixing tower, unauthorized persons (including children) are kept out; (ii)install handrails on high area where people might access; (ii)Cages are installed on all climb ladders; (iii)protection mesh are installed on cold feeder and other components to prevent people from mechanic injury.

3. Client requirement:
Working noise must be low, no disturb to the nearby inhabitants
Our response:
(i)enclosed mixing tower to reduce noise from aggregate elevator and mixer; (ii)install wear-resistant and noise-reduction device on the inlet of aggregate elevator; (iii)Select quiet induced draft fan; finally, working noise of the plant is less than 70db(A).

4. Client requirement:
Finished asphalt must meet requirement of highway construction
Our response:
through precise aggregate batching and measurement, ensuring high precision asphalt mixture recipe.

Finally, I’d like to add that, nearby the plant, there is an park where kangaroos live in; and not far from the plant is Pacific Ocean. This plant is clean and quiet without any disturb to local green land and blue sea.