Safety Operation Procedures for Asphalt Mixing Plant

Enterprise production, safety first. The safety of the staff is the prerequisite for production. It is very important to understand the safety operation procedures of the asphalt mixing station. All staff should carefully study the safety operation regulations of the asphalt mixing station, strictly observe it, protect its own safety and ensure the smooth production.

Safety Production Notices for Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing station safety production is a top priority. Attention should be paid to the details during the four phases of start-up, production, and shutdown to ensure the safety of operators and protect the stable operation of equipment.

Waste management and disposal on Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Sorting and stacking

According to the source of the three wastes and their different characteristics, a stacking warehouse that meets its characteristics is established. The powder material is easy to be dispersed, and a closed stacking warehouse needs to be established to prevent its secondary discharge. For the aggregate material, a special stacking site is set; the stacking of the finished product waste also needs to be concentrated, and cannot be stacked with the powder material or aggregate material.

Root and classification of wastes on asphalt mixing plant

During the production of the asphalt mixture, the managers did a lot of work on the stacking of raw materials and the quality control of the finished products, but the waste management and waste recycling of the asphalt mixing plant did not reach the required level. In the mixing station site, the waste is randomly stacked and discarded. This unscientific approach to waste management has caused serious negative impacts.we should recognize the source of waste classification and waste management and reuse measures.

Environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant

In modern society, all industries want long-term development, and they must all have the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, especially in the asphalt mixing equipment industry.

Tips on Asphalt Plant Operation

Before using the asphalt mixing station, the operator should master the correct points of use to ensure the normal operation of the asphalt mixing plant, and the production will not be interrupted due to faults.

Batch Mix Asphalt Plant vs Continuous Asphalt Plant, which one fits

Generally, asphalt mixing plant is consisting of two types, batch mix and continuous mix; each type has its advantages. Then, how to choose the right one for your project? Here are some tips.

Comparison Between Pulverized Coal Burners and Oil Burners

1. Price

Coal burners are usually little expensive than oil burners, the common price difference can be 3000USD ~ 8000USD.

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