Asphalt Plant For Sale In Bangladesh

Batch mix, mobile, asphalt drum mix plant for sale in Bangladesh, with lowest price, long-lasting durability, from supplier LYROAD Machinery. YLB/QLB/MDHB mobile ones hot-sale in Bangladesh. LB1500, 120tph mixing plants work well on site. Customers can always get our after-sale maintenance support.

Bangladesh is a fast-growing economy with 7.1% GDP growth in the financial year ended June 30. In spite of sustained economic growth, Infrastructure systems including transportation networks are lacking throughout Bangladesh. Over dependence on road transport remains one of the critical obstacles for Bangladesh and the existing transportation infrastructure is inadequate to cater to the overwhelming population pressure, incurring a result that there is too much traffic inside city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

In recent few years, the government of Bangladesh gives the overall transportation system greater priority, and takes steps towards improving the infrastructure. We can see great progress in infrastructural development for roads and highways in Bangladesh. In March 2017, US$2 billion of Bangladesh’s foreign reserves were poured into an infrastructure fund. To farther close the infrastructure gap, the government's seventh "Five-Year Plan" through 2020 estimates that the country needs to invest as much as $410 billion. In accordance with the plan, the total financial expenditure of its road transportation projects is 3372.4 billion Bangladeshi Taka, amounting to US$4.3 billion, and the total number of projects is 171.

The bilateral cooperation between Bangladesh and China has gradually matured and has great potential in many areas such as infrastructure development. China welcomes Bangladesh to take a fast ride on its economic development. The Bangladesh government is also highly supportive of the “One Belt, One Road” initiative through which Bangladesh is committed to seeking closer integration with the East Asian region.

Models and Prices of Asphalt Plants for sale in Bangladesh

News about Chinese companies winning bids over construction projects such as roads, railways and bridges in Bangladesh has been seen more frequently in media. As a well-known road construction machinery manufacturer, LYROAD Machinery are not lagging behind. We also participated in the Bangladeshi infrastructure construction by exporting high quality asphalt mixing equipment to Bangladesh, especially our LB series asphalt plants, most favored by Bangladeshi clients.

Cases of Our Asphalt Plants in Bangladesh for Reference

LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant In Bangladesh
LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Plant Location Bangladesh
Installation Date 2017.11
Model LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant
Type Batch Mix
Capacity 80TPH (Standard Working Condition)
Mixer Capacity 1000kg/batch
Drying Drum Φ1600X6800mm(Max Capacity: 100TPH)
Dust-collector Cyclone Filter + Water Dust Filter
Filler Bin Volume: 30m³
Direct-heating Bitumen Tank 30T
Circular Vibration Screen 4 Deck & 7 Stage; Sieving Area:16.88 m²
Diesel/heavy Oil Burner Max Capacity: 600kg/h
Fuel Consumption Diesel Consumption: 6.5-7.5 kg/ton
Hot Aggregate Storage Hopper 4+1 Rooms, Total Volume: 28.5m³
Aggregate Conveying Belt B600*29400mm(Max Capacity: 120 TPH)
Hot Aggregates Elevator Chains Type; Capacity≥100 TPH
Filler Elevator Capacity≥20 TPH
Finished Mixture Storage Bin Volume:35m³
Installation Power 240kw(Baghouse Dust Collector)
Plant Covering Area 25m Length, 20m Width, Max Height Point:12m

LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant In Bangladesh
LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant

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Plant Location Bangladesh
Installation Date 2017.01
Model LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant
Type Batch Mix
Capacity 120TPH(Standard Working Condition)
Mixer Capacity 1500kg/batch
Drying Drum Φ1800*8000mm(Max Capacity: 140TPH)
Dust-collector Cyclone Filter + Water Dust Filter
Bitumen Tank 30t
Filler Bin Capacity: 30m³
Heavy Oil/Diesel Tank 10000L
Circular Vibration Screen 4 Deck & 7 Stage
Hot Aggregate Storage Hopper 4+1 rooms, 30m³
Aggregate Conveying Belt B600*16000mm(Max Capacity: 140 TPH)
Hot Aggregates Elevator Capacity≥120 TPH
Finished Mixture Storage Bin Volume:35m³
Cycle Time 45s

News about Our Asphalt Plants Exporting to Bangladesh

2019 Asian Infrastructure Financing Report released earlier this year by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) says that there continues to be significant infrastructure investment opportunities across Asia, including in Bangladesh. Its improving economic conditions present a great opportunity to address infrastructure shortfalls. Of course, it also means a mass of opportunities for road construction machinery investors. You can contact us at any moment,and we will try our best to serve you.

1. LB700 Asphalt Mixing Plant Left For Bangladesh

2. LB1500 Asphalt Plant Sent to Bangladesh

3. LB1000 Hot Mix Plant Packed Up and Ready to Go

4. One More Set of Asphalt Plant Exported to Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Customers Visiting LYROAD Machinery

Tips for Buying Asphalt Plant for Sale in Bangladesh

1. Voltage Standard

The industrial three-phase power used in Bangladesh is usually 380V, but it is also useful at 440V. Both frequencies are 50HZ. That is to say, It is necessary for our asphalt plants for sale in Bangladesh to be equipped with either motors or generator sets.

2. Mode of Transportation

There are currently five major ports in Bangladesh, namely Chalna Anchorage Port (Port code: BDCNA), Chittagong Port (Port code: BDCTG), Khulna Port (Port code: BDKHU), Dhaka Port (Port code: BDDAC) and Mongla Port (Port code: BDMON). Transporting our road construction machinery from Qingdao Port to whichever port in Bangladesh will be done within ten days.

3. Dust Collector Configuration

Bangladeshi regulatory policy on environment protection has a tendency of being more and more strict, but actually it is somewhat slack now. Even if a rather tight regulation were imposed on environment protection, our mixing equipment are able to meet the requirements.

4. Fuel Consumption

Diesel burners are used on almost all our asphalt mixing plants exported to Bangladesh and by now they are all in good condition. We will recommend diesel burners to our Bangladeshi customers, but It's completely okay to choose burners adopting other fuels.

5. After-sale Service

(3)The visa issued the most by Bangladeshi exit and entry authority each year is a business visa. It takes 3-5 working days for normal processing and 1-2 working days for expedited. Valid for 3 months or 6 months, the maximum stay is only 30 days. But we can apply for a two-entry or multiple-entry visa as you need our engineers to deal with any emergency or special issues at the scene.

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