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Top asphalt plant manufacturer, LYROAD Machinery, asphalt batch mix plant, asphalt drum mix plant, mobile, environmental, asphalt plant for sale in Australia. Models such as JJW, JNW, LB, YLB, ELB, RLB, DHB, MDHB, capacities from 8tph to 400tph. CE and EAC certificate. High quality and low asphalt plant price in Australia. established deep relationship with Australian market.

China-Australia economic and trade cooperation has been getting closer and closer in recent years, and China already becomes Australia's largest trading partner. The Australian government announced that it would invest A$75 billion in major infrastructure projects over the next decade In May 2017, out of which road infrastructure takes a huge proportion. A recent report from New York also shows that Australia will be the most preferred destination throughout the world for infrastructure investment in 2020, and road is the top priority. All of these mean that investing in road construction equipment such as asphalt plants for sale in Australia is no doubt one of smart choices in the next few years.

Australian contractors and investors used to choose asphalt plant manufacturers in Europe and the United States. But now there are signs that they are turning their attention to China. LYROAD Machinery started to build cooperative relationship with Australian customers very early, and the number of asphalt plants exported to Australia by LYROAD Machinery is also higher than that of other domestic asphalt plant manufacturers.

Models and Prices of Asphalt Plants for sale in Australia

We supply full range of asphalt plants for sale in Australia, covering more than 60 models. Our asphalt plants for sale in Australia not only have obvious price advantage, but also have excellent performance and environmental benefits, can meet the needs of various road projects in Australia.

Cases of Our Asphalt Plants in Australia for Reference

Plant Location New South Wales, Australia
Installation Date 2016.02
Model ELB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant
Type Batch Mix / Hot Mix
Capacity 80TPH (Standard Working Condition)
Mixer Capacity 1000kg/batch
Drying Drum 1600*6800mm (Max Capacity: 100TPH)
Dust-collector Volute Casing Collector(level one) + Baghouse Dust Collector(level two)
Filler Bin Capacity: 30m³
Bitumen Tank Capacity: 40t
Heavy Oil/Diesel Tank 10000L
Circular Vibration Screen 4 deck & 7stage
Hot Aggregate Storage Hopper 4+1 rooms, 28.5m³
Aggregate Conveying Belt 600*29400mm(Max Capacity: 120 TPH)
Hot Aggregates Elevator Capacity≥100TPH
Finished Mixture Storage Bin Volume:35m³
Cycle Time 45s

ELB 800 Asphalt Mixing Plant In Australia
ELB 800 Asphalt Mixing Plant Functioning In Australia

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Plant Location Australia
Installation Date 2018.12
Model ELB 800 Asphalt Mixing Plant
Type Batch Mix / Hot Mix
Capacity 64TPH (Standard Working Condition)
Mixer Capacity 800kg/batch
Drying Drum 1500*6300mm ( Max Capacity: 80TPH)
Dust-collector Volute Casing Collector(level one) + Baghouse Dust Collector(level two)
Filler Bin Capacity: 30m³
Bitumen Tank Capacity: 30t
Heavy Oil/Diesel Tank 10000L
Circular Vibration Screen 4 deck & 7stage
Hot Aggregate Storage Hopper 4+1 rooms, 15m³
Aggregate Conveying Belt Width: B500 (Max Capacity: 80TPH)
Hot Aggregates Elevator Capacity≥80TPH
Finished Mixture Storage Bin Volume:35m³
Cycle Time 45s

News about Our Asphalt Plants Exporting to Australia

1.ELB1000 Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Shipped to Australia

2.ELB800 Asphalt Mixing Plant Shipped to Australia

Tips for Buying Asphalt Plant for Sale in Australia

1. Voltage Standard

The voltage of Australia's industrial electricity is 415V, different from that of China, it becomes necessary to customize motor or generator set to make the power output match the voltage of Australia's industrial electricity. It will take some time to produce customized motor or generator set, so in order to shorten production period of the entire asphalt plant and not cause delivery time delay, please tell us this point earlier, and we will arrange it accordingly. If it’s available where you are, buying it locally is also a nice option.

2. Mode of Transportation

There is only one way to transport large equipment from China to Australia, and that is by sea. The transporting time needed to spend is less than 20 days.

According to the freight charge quotation in June 2019, a 40-foot HQ container from Qingdao to Sydney costs about $2,000. That is to say, a set of ELB1500 asphalt plant for sale in Australia is usually loaded in 13-15 HQ containers.If you place an order on it , the freight charge you will spend is between $26,000 and $30,000.

For more detailed shipping information, please feel free to contact us. We always welcome your inquiry.

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3. Dust Collector Configuration

Australian customers generally choose environmentally friendly asphalt plant for sale, like our ELB series, JJW series and JNW series, because of more rigorous environmental protection policy Australian government enforced. So in terms of dust removal, it’s common to have baghouse dust collectors equipped on asphalt plants. Cyclone filter plus water dust filter is not appreciate for most road construction projects in Australia.

4. Fuel

The burners used on asphalt plants can full into several kinds, coal burner, diesel oil burner, natural gas burner, heavy oil burner and multifunctional burner. Diesel oil burner is also called light oil burner, can be seen more frequently in Australia. But if you can get other fuel rather than diesel oil more conveniently and less expensive, please tell our sales managers and they will customize the burner for you.

Please Tell Us What Burner You Want

5. After-sale Service

  • we are responsible for all the repairs that caused by our quality problems within one year’s warranty. Even though asphalt plant has passed the warranty date, you are still entitled to enjoy our after-sales service for life.
  • Please don’t worry about the trouble arising from the customs clearance process, we will do our best to help you solve problems you may encounter.
  • We will send experienced technicians to your location to finish install and commissioning work. It’s also our responsibility to train local operators and make they able to run the asphalt plant regularly.
  • Before transporting the asphalt mixing plant, we will prepare a lot of wearing parts in order for you to replace the damaged ones at any time. If you are in urgent need of some wearing parts, please let us know, we will deliver them by air. It takes about 2-3 days.
  • Application time for Australian 400 Temporary Work Visa is approximately 15 days and it is valid for 3 months. In view of this, if our engineers need to go to the site for maintenance, it is best to tell us in advance so as not to cause too long a stagnation of your production. Of course, the initial installation, commissioning and operator training are also expected to complete in three months.

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