Asphalt Mixing Plant JJW Series

Asphalt Mixing Plant JJW Series

  • Model: JJW3000 ~ JJW4000
  • Product Capacity: 260 t/h ~ 360 t/h
  • Highlights: energy efficiency, recycling asphalt system optional,
    vertical drying tower instead of drying drum; hot mix plant.
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    Asphalt Plant JJW Series Brief Introduction

    Asphalt Plant JJW Series is a large capacity hot mix energy efficiency asphalt plant launched by Liaoyuan in 2018. JJW series asphalt plant uses vertical drying tower instead of traditional drying drum, greatly saving electricity and fuel, making it a milestone product in asphalt mixing industry. By adopting cutting edge design, latest patents, precise and efficient weighing technology, JJW series energy efficiency asphalt plant enjoys great advantages in operation cost control, resource saving and clean production. JJW series energy efficiency asphalt plant is designed for road pavement and rehabilitation in capital and large cities where roads density is very high.

    Asphalt Plant JJW Series Product Parameters
    Model Capacity(Standard Conditions) Mixer Capacity Fuel Consumption Measurement Accuracy
    Diesel Gas
    JJW3000 230-260 t/h 3000kg 6.5kg/t 8-10m3/t Agg.: ±0.5%
    Filler: ±0.25%
    Bitumen: ±0.25%
    JJW4000 320-360 t/h 4000kg 6.5kg/t 8-10m3/t
    Asphalt Plant JJW Series Main Features

    1. Substitute traditional drying drum with vertical drying tower, saving electricity (about 60kW/h),fuel and lubricant, lowering production cost to a large degree;
    2. Intelligent and precise control over cold aggregate feeding and hot aggregate dosing; no overflowed hot aggregate during production, no redundant hot aggregate after production; eliminating waste of aggregate and fuel;
    3. Adopt Synchronized Decrement weighing method, and minimize the weighing error; dynamic weighing accuracy: aggregate and filler<1%, bitumen<0.8%; static weighing accuracy: aggregate±0.5%, filler and bitumen±0.25%;
    4. Whole production process is fully enclosed; aggregate feeder, belt conveyor, loading chamber and mixing tower are all enclosed; minimal dust and pollutant emission; safe and clean;
    5. Batch cycle time is reduced to 40 seconds, higher efficiency and 15% more productive than that of same model batch mixing plant;
    6. Hot recycling device(recycled asphalt pavement processing device) can be added if required.

    Asphalt Plant JJW Series structure
    Control Room1. Control Room

    ①Intelligent control, SIEMENS electronic elements, OMRON PLC, EMERSON inverter, Mettler-Tolerdo load cell.
    ②Computer has functions of dynamic process monitoring, formula input, formula storage, time adjustment, carry-over aggregate correction, automatic fault diagnose, fault alarming, interlock protection, storage of production data report;as well as query and print of shift report.

    Enclosed aggregate feeder2. Enclosed Aggregate Feeder

    ①Standard modular design, convenient for mobilization and installation;
    ②Variable frequency discharging belt, cold aggregate feeding is automatically controlled and adjusted according to hot aggregate demand;
    ③Each hopper has a sieve on the top to block the oversized aggregate (over 80mm*80mm); two vibrator motor are respectively installed on the two hoppers for smaller size aggregate; adjustable discharge opening;

    bitumen tank3. Bitumen Tank

    ①Vertical or lateral type, heat transfer oil or electricity heating, with activated carbon device to absorb asphalt fume.
    ②Extra thick thermal insulation layer on bitumen tanks and pipes, minimal heat loss;
    ③Bitumen pipes are made, assembled and tested in factory; field installation is very fast;
    ④Liquid level indicators and thermometers are installed on bitumen tanks; easy for observation and operation;

    Vertical drying tower4. Vertical Drying Tower

    ①Substitute traditional drying drum with vertical drying tower, saving electricity (about 60kW/h), fuel and lubricant, lowering production cost to a large degree.
    ②Vertical structure is adopted, which occupies a smaller area.
    ③Vertical drying tower has low operation and maintenance costs, low after-sales service requirements and low maintenance costs.
    ④Vertical drying tower has better sealing, less air leakage point, lower heating energy consumption and more energy saving.

    Control system5. Control System

    ①Box type distribution cabinet, Siemens electrical elements; Japanese OMRON PLC; auto control and manual control switchable;
    ②All electric motors are controlled by PLC system, reliable and easy operation;
    ③Control system adopts reliable and good quality computer, PLC controller; EMERSON inverter, Mettler-Toledo weighing sensor;
    ④High-duty motor is step-down started; variable speed cold aggregate feeding; burner is automatic ignited and automatic temperature controlled;

    Mixing System6. Mixing System

    ①Stereo mixer, boiling mixing, uniform and efficient;
    ②Sturdy and wear-resisting paddle, 100,000 batches service time guaranteed;
    ③Mixer equipped with safety protection device, safety stop in emergency;
    ④Centralized lubricating system, intelligent lubricant oil injection; safe, reliable and labor-saving.

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