Asphalt Business Ushers New Development Opportunities

2015 is a crucial year for China's economic reforms; in particular, a series of top-level design of the development strategy will have a significant impact on the domestic economy. Specific to the transportation construction industry investment, especially road construction will face unprecedented opportunities for development. The national policy and the financial guide will push the domestic road investment to a new level.

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LB1000 Asphalt Mixing Plant was Transported to Shennongjia

A set of LB1000 asphalt mixing plant was transported to Shennongjia, Hubei province on 10th May, 2015. Since we got the order, we started busy manufacturing the machinery. Today is Sunday, however, all the workmates are still in their positions to make sure the customers can get the asphalt batch plant on time.

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Another LB1500 Asphalt Mixing Plant was Dispatched to Yunnan

In the morning of May 6th, 2015, another brand new LB1500 asphalt mixing plant was dispatched to Yuxi, Yunnan Province to serve local place. This cooperation is based on mutual benefit, which shows their trust on us. Though there is lot of manufacturing tasks, we managed to produce the machines timely and perfectly.

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Cooperate with Hubei Clients

We successfully cooperated with Hubei customer and delivered a set of 600T stabilized soil mixing plant to them on April 27, 2015. This the third stabilized soil mixing plant we sent out this month. Due to the vast orders these days, we need to work over time to make sure that our clients can receive what they want on time. This cooperation with Hubei client is a big success. Our precise crafting technique, careful attitude and high efficient team deeply impressed them. They placed the order quickly after they learned our products.

Xinjiang Client Bought LB2000 Asphalt Plant from Us

On April 22, 2015, we manufactured LB2000 compulsory asphalt mixing plant and sent it to Xinjiang customers. This is not the first collaboration with Xinjiang customers. Because there have been so many successful cooperations and communications, Xinjiang customer really trust our product quality and after-sales service, and soon signed the contract.

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Transportation in the Rain for Armenia Clients

On April 19, 2015, although the sky is raining, our workmates are still insisting on their workplace, preparing shipments for Armenia customers. Although the rain makes everything slippery, which make it more difficult for the truck loading, but everyone insist to the end, until the successful completion of the delivery task.

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