LB1500 Asphalt Plant Sent to Bangladesh

On October 17, 2016, another asphalt plant was finished in Liaoyuan Machinery’s workshop and ready to move. The Asphalt Plant was a set of LB-1500 with a productivity of 120TPH; its client was from Bangladesh. The Asphalt Plant adopted water dust collector as secondary dust removal system. The climate of Bangladesh is very humid and rich in rains, thus, few dusts will rise in air. Water dust collector will, on one hand, meet requirements of environmental protection; on the other hand, save clients cost.

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A Batch of Asphalt Plant Parts shipped to Thailand

Early morning on October 10, Liaoyuan’s workers started stuffing containers with asphalt spares and parts. This batch of asphalt spare parts would be shipped to Thailand. Persons from International Business Department and Logistics Department worked together to check, verify, pack, load and record the spare parts. Everything goes on smoothly and orderly, and containers left our factory in time.

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MDHB-40 Finished on time and Shipped Overseas

On September 5, 2016, LY Group produces another asphalt plant, a set of MDHB-40 mobile drum mixing asphalt plant. According to Client’s requirement, it will be sent to Qingdao Port and then shipped abroad.

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MDHB-60 Transferred to Client, LY Group Arranged Considerate Loading Service

On September 2, 2016, LY Group completed the production of a set of MDHB-60 mobile drum mixing asphalt plant, loaded the plant on truck and transferred to client on land transportation according to client’s requirements.

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LY Group Will Attend Bauma China 2016

LY Group decides to attend Bauma China 2016 in Shanghai. The 8th Bauma China 2016 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, on November 22~25, 2016.

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DHB-80 Asphalt Plant Erected in Russia

On Jul 14, 2016, a DHB-80 Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant was delivered from LY factory to Russia by trucks.

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