Comparison Between Pulverized Coal Burners and Oil Burners

1. Price

Coal burners are usually little expensive than oil burners, the common price difference can be 3000USD ~ 8000USD.

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How To Choose The Site For Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt mixing plant site, the asphalt concrete pavement construction occupies a very important position. Significantly influenced companies in the section of the road construction quality and construction costs.

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How To Reasonably Accurate Control The Ratio Between Renewable Materials And The Aggregate

Advantage of intermittent mixing station can accurately control the ratio of materials with different specifications to ensure the finished material gradation. And the distribution of the asphalt recycling equipment for recycled materials have independent weighing systems, does not affect the original mixing station weighing system.

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What User Should Prepare For Asphalt Plant's Erection?

The user should prepare the earthwork, electrical power supply etc based on the seller's technical drawings; and prepare professional worker-team, including: electrical workers, welding workers, maintenance workers, operators; also truck crane etc necessary working tools.

Why The Bitumen / Aggregate Ratio Is Unstable? How To Fix It?

Bitumen/aggregate ratio is bitumen and sand filling quality feed mass ratio, is to control the quality of asphalt concrete most important indicators. Bitumen/aggregate ratio is too large, paving the road after rolling up "bitumen cake." Bitumen/aggregate ratio is too small, the asphalt concrete material divergence, rolling shapeless. These are considered serious quality accident.

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Feeding Belt Deviation Phenomenon Occurs, How to Correct It?

Below each silo with a set feeding belt conveyor, which is responsible for the silo in the aggregate to the aggregate belt. Its speed can be adjusted through the inverter, depending graded asphalt mixture may be needed. When the belt deviation phenomenon occurs, it can be corrected by adjusting the screw.

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