Asphalt mixing plant site, the asphalt concrete pavement construction occupies a very important position. Significantly influenced companies in the section of the road construction quality and construction costs. Different positions mixing station sitting, construction quality and construction costs are correspondingly different. Station location not only determines the asphalt pavement construction progress, and largely determines the quality of asphalt.

In the asphalt mixing plant sitting process, should highlight the main factors affecting site selection, have little effect on the factors to be negligible. Sitting of asphalt mixing plant has the following main factors:
1. Asphalt mixing plant and paving the scene in the distance.
2. Asphalt mixing plant and materials in the distance.
3. Transport conditions. If the situation is not clear when the road transport, shipping time will be spent too long asphalt temperature during transport, the greater the loss.
4. Electric power supply. Determines the mixing station power supply is operating correctly.
5. The available land area size. Because of the raw materials to be stacked with a certain space, the normal operation of vehicles need enough space, all asphalt mixing plant requires a large enough floor space to meet these two requirements.
6. Sites of natural conditions, station should be selected environmental dry place.
7. Environmental issues, the main consideration of asphalt mixing plant away from residential areas or densely populated areas, to avoid causing air and noise pollution.

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