Bitumen/aggregate ratio is bitumen and sand filling quality feed mass ratio, is to control the quality of asphalt concrete most important indicators. Bitumen/aggregate ratio is too large, paving the road after rolling up "bitumen cake." Bitumen/aggregate ratio is too small, the asphalt concrete material divergence, rolling shapeless. These are considered serious quality accident.

There are two main reasons:?

1. Aggregate compound dirt, dust found excessive. In spite of the dust, but the filler excessive mud, most of the bitumen and filler combination, commonly known as "absorb bituman." Gravel surface adhesion bitumen less, so not easy to shape rolling.

2. Metering system failure. Mainly bitumen and slag measurement scale measurement scale measurement system zero drift occurs, resulting in measurement error. Especially bitumen measurement scale, the little errors that disproportionately affect aggregate ratio. In production, we should always calibrated metering system. In actual production, because slag containing impurities thing more, often resulting powder metering position Doumen closed lax, leakages occur, seriously affecting the quality of asphalt concrete.

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