Advantage of intermittent mixing station can accurately control the ratio of materials with different specifications to ensure the finished material gradation. And the distribution of the asphalt recycling equipment for recycled materials have independent weighing systems, does not affect the original mixing station weighing system. Original mixing station with PLC acquisition of weighing, discharge, fault feedback signal to the recycled materials weighing systems and coordination of work between the original mixing station, in order to ensure accurate measurement, using secondary compensation principles to improve each batch weighing accuracy.

Asphalt recycling equipment and a reasonable match to the original mixing station, so is able to regulate recycled materials and a new ratio between aggregate and temperature, do not use recycled material does not affect the normal production and mixing station; pavement level modest start mixing station mixing tank, bitumen supply system, the wind systems all use recycled materials plus asphalt mixing, but also to meet the requirements of road construction. In short, to make the asphalt mixing plant and supporting regeneration equipment, automatic control components must be sensitive and effective, in various directions, alarm systems in a timely and accurate, and not only to the high degree of automation, and easy to operate, in order to facilitate the promotion..

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