Asphalt plant is a facility that is used to mix the aggregates and bitumen to produce the paving materials. Special fillers and additives may be needed to add to the mixture during the mixing course. The end product, asphalt mix, can be widely used for the construction of highways, urban roads, rural roads, parking lots.

Asphalt plants' price range is from $100,000 to $5,000,000, depending on the production capacity, type, and configuration largely. Transportation means and freight shall also be accounted for when calculating the total buying price of asphalt mixing plants.

In addition, the operating cost must draw your attention when you are determined to buy a road paving material manufacturing equipment. Afterall the price of the equipment is just one aspect influencing the total cost and ROI. All common types, like Asphalt batching plant, asphalt drum mix plant, mobile asphalt plant, small hot mix plant, their prices are showcased by the best-selling representative of each category below.

The Price Of Asphalt Plants

Price List of Asphalt Mixing Plants 2021

LB1500 Asphalt Batching Plant $350,000
MDHB60 Portable Drun Mix AMP $120,000
QLB40 Small-capacity Hot Mix Facility $145,000
YLB1500 Mobile HMA Batch Mixer $456,000
RLB80 Hot Recycled AMP $358,000
ELB1000 Environmental HMA Batching Equipment $320,000
JJW4000 Cutting-edge HMA Producing Facility $1,200,000
DHB80 Continuous Paving Material Factory $100,000
JNW260 Energy-saving Advanced Hot Mix Plant $1,640,000
SLB20 Mini Mobile AMP $100,000

Asphalt Plant Price In Different Countries

The prices of HMA equipment vary much with the different markets, behind which there are several reasons. First, it costs a different amount of freight charges to transport mixing facilities to different countries, no matter where the country of origin is, mainly because the amount of containers varies with the size of mixing equipment, and the average freight charge per container will fluctuate with the season, the geopolitical situation, or even the pandemic of the virus. Second, the domestic price of mixing facilities may be influenced by the exchange rate, inflation or deflation, volatility of bulk commodity prices, etc. So, the price of AMP is a complex problem, and too many factors impose effects on it. But don't worry about that, and if you need, please contact us about the prices if asphalt plants for sale in Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Russia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Peru, Ethiopia, Australia, Algeria, Thailand, Kenya, Uruguay, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, Zambia, Turkey, Lebanon, United Kingdom, Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Sudan, Colombia, Sri Lanka, India.

FAQs About AMP Price

1. How much does it cost to build an asphalt plant?
It will cost you some time to analyze your needs and project requirements in detail when you are prepared to buy an AMP. When it comes to the specific price of your wanted mixer, where to buy it and which manufacturer to procure from become the vital issue on the table. The price gap between the grand manufacturers in Europe and the professional manufacturers in China is so huge that you must be clear what your expectation of investment return is and make the right decision. In a word, it costs four or five times more to buy an AMP from the European manufacturers than from Chinese manufacturers. Plus the higher expense of inviting technicians to install, commission, and training, we'd say the cost of building a mixing facility is depended largely on the manufacturer you choose to cooperate with.

2. What's the price status of blacktop material manufacturing equipment worldwide?
With the same capacity and production efficiency, HMA mixing equipment manufacturers' pricing in different regions, from high to low, is Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Russia, China.

3. What's the composition of mixing plant price?
AMP prices can be mainly divided into two parts: welding parts and the bought-in parts. The basis of welding parts is steel, so the price of welding parts depends mainly on the spot price of the steel and processing cost. Bought-in parts include speed reducer, electrical motor, burners, bearings, bitumen pump, air compressor, load cells, control systems, etc., all of which usually account for half of hot mix station price.

4. How about the return of investment for hot mix factories?
Please make sure that the return of investment for the equipment is stable and keeping an increase in less than 5 years. It may seem to be a bit longer time if you are new to the business. It will also be pretty easy and fast to see your money growing if you are into paving operation and own AMP because you are not dependant on your supplier, with fewer price fluctuations affecting you.

5. How to buy an HMA mixing facility from Chinese manufacturers?
HMA makers made by China's manufacturers have won the favor of international clients due to their stable performance, cost-effectiveness and short delivery time, etc. Purchasing asphalt plants from China has become a wise choice. While the lower price is alluring, some attention shall be paid to the possible risks. 5 risks and 5 methods are summarized in Tips for buying asphalt plants from China, and hopefully it can help you get through this procuring course smoothly.

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