Tips for buying asphalt plants from China

It will be difficult for you to import asphalt plants from China, if you are unfamiliar with Chinese suppliers, can't identify trade companies and real manufacturers. In view of this, we make this guide to help you avoid risks and detour and select the most suitable asphalt mixing plants.

Purchasing Asphalt Plants From China is A Wise Choice

China's infrastructure facilities have seen tremendous changes in the past 40 years. By the end of 2018, the total mileage of China's expressways that has been ranking first in the world since 2012 exceeded 140,000 kilometers. China's asphalt plant manufacturers grow stronger in such a large-scale infrastructure construction.

Asphalt plants made in China have won the favor of international clients due to their stable performance, cost-effectiveness and short delivery time, etc. At present, more and more customers in developing countries prefer purchasing asphalt plants from China. Customers from developed countries also consider Chinese asphalt plants as nice option.

Keep Away From Trade Companies Selling Asphalt Plants and Avoid 5 Major Risks

You have to tread carefully when dealing with trade companies

Care must be taken when dealing with trading companies

As we all know, there are so many trade companies in China, and even some individuals who work at a small office or home office(SOHO Tribe)pretend to be manufacturers, doing business as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. Many business ventures, many business tricks. If you don't pay attention, you run the risk of being cheated and losing your money.

Risk 1: Some trade companies or individual broker maybe disappear after receiving the deposit, and it is pretty hard for you to get money back.
Risk 2: In the absence of regular suppliers, the product that the trading company ships to you may not be the product that you originally ordered for purchase. This happens often.
Risk 3: Trade companies usually need to go finding suppliers temporarily, hence the quality of the products cannot be guaranteed.
Risk 4: As a rule, trading companies do not have their own technical team, so their employees do not know enough about the product and cannot provide technical support or sufficient information about the product. Customers can be misleading.
Risk 5: After-sales support that trade companies supply is poor, and the troubles will be annoying and torturing you all the time!

5 Methods to Identify Trade Companies Attempting to Sell You Asphalt Plants

Trade companies and manufacturing companies are very different,we summarize 5 methods as following to help you identify trade companies and avoid risks.

Method 1:Check company's business license

The Chinese government has established the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, and credit information of all enterprises and institutions in China can be found therein. Open the link( enter your supplier's Chinese business name into the query box and search, you can see much information about the company, including registration date and capital, business scope, etc.

Liaoyuan machinery’s Credit Information showed in the system

ACE's Credit Information showed in the system

  • Those companies that have been established for less than 5 years are probably trade companies. Technical accumulation always needs enough time, it is unlikely to make large equipment like asphalt mixing plant in such a short time.
  • You can judge it as a trading company if its registered capital is less than 2 million USD. Because it's just impossible to manufacture asphalt plants without enough money.
  • There are no such words as "加工(processing)" or "生产(production)" in trade company's business scope.It has "销售(sales)" and others.
  • If you can't find any information in the system,your supplier may be a liar company.
  • If you have difficulty identifying your supplier,please contact us and we will help you inquire and deliver information to you.Contact us by calling +86-371-55635088 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  •,this domain name suffix can only be used on government websites in China.It is definitely worth your trust.

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Method 2:Ask your suppliers if they can provide relevant drawings and a lot of clear pictures

Most trade companies can't provide detailed design drawings. They can't provide a lot of clear product pictures, either. So try to ask for the design drawings and clear pictures of a certain part of the asphalt mixing plant (No company is willing to give you design drawings of the entire asphalt mixing plant). If not available, the supplier is probably a trading company.

Method 3:Take a look at the names and logos on the buildings of factory

Here are some items you should pay attention to when it comes to factory.

  • Visit the factory to see if the names and logos on the gates, office buildings, workshops, etc.of factory are the same as those you saw from somewhere else before. If not inconsistent or Chinese name of the factory does not match the English name you know before, you may conclude that it’s a trading company.
  • With several different names and logos appearing simultaneously above the factory door, it is likely to be a fake manufacturer working with a number of trade companies.
  • Ask for an introduction video of the production environment If you can't visit the factory. If all of the overall scenes of the factory involved in the video are aerial shot, and the name and logo on the buildings cannot be seen clearly, it can basically be determined to be a trade company.

Method 4:Try to find if the supplier has a Chinese official website

It's very weird that a Chinese asphalt plant manufacturer has no Chinese official website. if not, it is undoubtedly a trading company.

LYROAD’s Chinese Official Website

Method 5: Observe if it is a member of the China Construction Machinery Industry Association(CCMA)

Large and medium-sized asphalt plant manufacturers in China all joined CCMA. When you visit a factory or company, you can observe whether it has the plate proving its membership of CCMA. If not, it is probably a trading company or a small manufacturer who doesn’t deserve lots of your trust.

Only you choose the right manufacturer can it ensure safe procurement,smooth transportation and installation, and finally putting into production as soon as possible to obtain revenue.

As a leader in China's road construction machinery industry and a member of CCMA,LYROAD has been dedicated to research and produce a full range of asphalt mixing plants within more than 20 years.Its products have passed ISO9001,ISO14001,CE,EAC Quality Management System Certifications.More than 400 sets of them have been exported to over 80 countries and regions.LYROAD Machinery, a leading china asphalt plant manufacturer that worth your trust.Learn more

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Select Models and Configurations Of Asphalt Plant According to Requirements

Assist your supplier to accomplish the customized product design according to your country's road surface construction technical specifications, project scale, and requirements as well as the purchasing budget. Here are some of the items that you should take into consideration when determining the model and configuration of the asphalt mixing plant.

  • Admixture system.You may need one to meet the special requirements of the project.
  • Voltageand frequency.Do tell us if your country’s industrial power standard is 380V and 50HZ.If not,we will customize the motor and generator set (if necessary) for you.
  • Mesh size of the vibrating screens.It is necessary to change it to comply with the local regulations on the particle size of the aggregate in the road construction technical specifications.

There might be hundreds of customization requirements like the above.Therefore,in order to get a tailor-made asphalt mixing plant,you need patience and confidence,and communicate more with our sales engineers.

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Arrange Schedule Reasonably to Avoid Delays

The time involved in the manufacture, transportation and installation of asphalt mixing plants is critical things that you need to take into consideration.The following time spans will definitely have reference value for you.

  • Manufacture of an asphalt plant usually takes 15 to 40 days, depending on your customization requirements. You are very lucky if the asphalt plant you order happens to be in stock.5 days are needed for preparation before shipment.
  • Transportation time ranges from less than 10 days to more than 50 days. It depends on the distance between your country and China.
  • Installation time ranges from one week to one month. It depends on the model and the configuration you choose.

You'd better not ask the manufacturer to ship asphalt mixing plants during the Chinese Spring Festival.It is difficult to find drivers and workers then,and it is difficult to transport the asphalt mixing plant.Even if it is possible,the costs are very high.

How to Save Transportation Costs of Asphalt Plants You order?

An asphalt mixing plant is a large-scale machine, which is difficult to transport and costly. Transportation costs will fluctuate greatly with the mode of transportation, and freight rates will fluctuate with market fluctuations and are affected by the slack season and busy season. Therefore, you should make some comprehensive considerations firstly so as to choose the most appropriate transportation method.

1.Sea transportation

1)Suitable countries or regions:Except the countries bordering China
①Low cost
LYROAD Machinery's LB1000(80t/h),LB1200(100t/h),LB1500(120t/h)(80t/h)asphalt mixing plant normally requires 13 or 14 HQ containers.By combining the following Unit price of HQ container,you can make a rough calculation of transportation cost.

  • Southeast Asian:1000-1500 USD/HQ container
  • Middle East, Africa andEurope:2000-2500 USD/HQ container
  • South America:about 4000 USD/HQ container
②Do customs clearance once,and you don't have to go through customs inspections in different customs areas.
①It takes a long time.
The time to reach most continents by sea from China is as follows:
  • North America,Europe,Africa and Middle East:about 35 days
  • Australia:Not more than 20 days
  • South America:Around 40 days
  • Some landlocked countries in eastern Europe like Romania:about 55 day

Shipment time to most continents by sea

Shipment Duration to most continents by sea

② You have to face the risk of the ship hitting the rocks, sinking,fires and explosions.
③ It is greatly affected by the port,water level,season and climate.

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2.Railway transportation

1)Suitable countries or regions: five countries in Central Asia,Mongolia,parts of Russia

2)Route(begin at Zhengzhou,the capital of Henan province):

  • Zhengzhou - Alashankou Port/Dostyk Port - Five Central Asian Countries,Central and Western Russia
  • Zhengzhou - Erlianhot Port/Zamen Ude Port - Ulaanbaatar
  • Zhengzhou - Manzhouli Port /Post Baikal Port - Russian Far East


  • Low transportation costs
  • Speed is faster,transportation time is around 20 days
  • Risk is smaller than sea transportation

3.Road transport

1)Suitable countries or regions:Five Central Asian countries,Mongolia,Russia,South Asia(partial)

  • It's more flexible and able to reach areas that are difficult to reach by rail transportation.
  • speed is faster,transportation time is around 20 days.


  • Transportation costs are too high.
  • You have to pay some unpredictable additional costs.
  • Declare customs one cabinet after another,and often encounter inspections by customs in different customs areas,which not only increase cost, but also delay some time.

4.Air transport

1)Suitable items:Small parts urgently needed for maintenance of an asphalt mixing plant

2)Advantages:fast speed and high timeliness


  • High cost
  • Can not directly reach some small cities or rural areas.

Don’t worry,We Assist You With Customs Clearance Process

Customs Clearance Procedure

Customs Clearance Procedure

Customs clearance can break down as following:
Step 1:Entry
You,the importer,should notify customs you has imported a product
Step 2:Clearance
Present the paperwork for your shipment to customs,including commercial invoices,packing list,shipping bill,CO(Certificate of Origin),bill of entry,bills of lading/airway bill.
Step 3:Payment
The customs officer will see if any taxes and duties apply to your shipment.If so,You have got to pay it.
Step 4:Release
Once it's confirmed that outstanding taxes and duties have been paid,your shipment is released and continues on to destination designated by you.


  • To enjoy the tariff preferences,you need to provide a preferential Certificate of Origin.This requires you to know in advance whether China is a beneficiary of your country.As for how much tariffs can be discounted,it depends on your country's tax policy.
  • We will offer full assistance in customs clearance, transportation and shipment.
  • Don’t worry about it.We will help you with customs clearance.

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Please Pay Attention To These Questions Regarding Installation And After-sales Service

Under normal circumstances,we will start to consider sending engineers to you to do a series of after-sales work such as installation,commission and training after the asphalt mixing plant is loaded and shipped.With regards to installation and after-sales,you need to pay attention to the following items:

  • Avoid rainy season or rainy weather to Install asphalt mixing plant.
  • Some asphalt mixing plants will take about one month to install and test and the visa time for our engineers(30-60 days) is limited,so we must collaborate closely with each other and quicken the pace.
  • Before the visa expires,the time left for our engineers to train the operators of asphalt mixing plant should be sufficient.Otherwise,the operators might cause some damages to the equipment during operation after.
  • Once some problems happen when the asphalt mixing plant is running, please consult us as soon as possible.Our engineers will respond quickly and help you solve problems through remote assistance and other ways.

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