2013-07-18, Mr. H.A.K and Mr. A.K.M who come from Bangladesh visit our factory.

Their company have tendered and got a road and bridge construction project in Dacca, So they need to purchase 1 set 40t/h asphalt mixing plant and 1 set 35m3/h concrete mixing plant form China for the project.

Firstly, Mr. H.A.K and Mr. A.K.M visited our factory and workshop, and asked our engineer about the details of our producing process and quality control system, and many technical information of our asphalt mixing plant and concrete mixing plant, our engineer told these answer to clients detailedly.

Then, as clients requirement, we took clients to see our asphalt plant and concrete plant's working site. After check, Mr. H.A.K and Mr. A.K.M are very satisfied with our plant, and then we come back to our meeting room to talk about the commercial term; finally, Clients decided to purchase DHB-40 40t/h asphalt mixing plant from our company.And clients said this order will be the beginning of our long-term business.

Customers visited our asphalt plant factory Customers looked around our factory
Customers visited our old asphalt plant working site Customers visited our concrete mixing plant

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