asphalt rubber plant

Asphalt Rubber Plant

  • Model: LXJ-10, LXJ-10L
  • Agitator Motor Power: 15kW ~ 22kW
  • Highlights
    Producing stable and reliable crumb rubber asphalt;
    Containerized structure, ease of transportation.
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    Brief Introduction of Asphalt Rubber Plant

    LYXL Series asphalt rubber plant is used to produce rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC). Rubberized asphalt is a special pavement material consisting of approximately 75-80 percent regular asphalt with 20 percent (+/-2%) crumb rubber made from scrap tires. Rubber asphalt overlays on road surface make road smoother, effectively reduce traffic noise and prolong road service time, having bright future and wide application in highway construction. Meanwhile, rubber asphalt plant recycles a large number of scrap tyres, helping to save resources and reduce pollution.

    Working Principle of Asphalt Rubber Plant

    Crumb rubber made from scrap tires is loaded into the hopper before mixing begins and must be replenished during the mixing process. Next the screw conveyor carries the crumb rubber to the mixing chamber. Then, the crumb rubber is blended with virgin asphalt by a high shear mixer running at a speed of 3400 rpm. As the materials are mixed, they are pumped to the portable holding tank. During the mixing process, fresh materials are continuously fed into the chamber until the required volume of material has been mixed.

    Asphalt Rubber Plant
    Asphalt Rubber Blending Schematic
    The Role Asphalt Rubber Plant Plays in Road Construction Process
    Asphalt Rubber Plant
    The Role Asphalt Rubber Plant Plays in Road Construction Process
    Model and Parameters of Discontinuous Type
    Product Model LXJ-10
    Heat Transfer Oil Boiler Capacity 400,000kcal
    Burner Model RL-50
    Thermal Oil Circulating Pump Flow Rate 40m³/h
    Finished Tank Volume 12m³
    Thermal Insulation 10cm, Rock Wool
    Agitator Motor Power 22kW
    Heat Transfer Oil Pipeline DN50×200m
    Screw Conveyor for Rubber Powder Feeding 10t/h
    Load-out Pump Capacity 25m³/h
    Model and Parameters of Continuous Type
    Product Model LXJ-10L
    Heat Exchange Area 100m²×2
    Basis Bitumen Pump Flow Rate 16m³/h, Variable Frequency Control
    Rubber Powder Screw Conveyor Capacity 5t/h
    Rubber Powder Scale Variable Feeding Rate
    Rubber Powder Metering Hopper 3m³
    Mixing Tank Capacity 1m³
    Agitator Power 11kW
    Thermal Insulation 10cm, Rock Wool
    Rubberized Asphalt Pump Flow Rate 18m³/h, Variable Frequency Control
    Preparation Tank Volume 20m³
    Agitator Motor Power 15kW
    Heat Transfer Oil Pipeline DN50×100m
    Main Features of Asphalt Rubber Plant

    1. Compact frame structure, ease of transportation; intelligent control, convenient for operation, ensuring stable and reliable performance.
    2. Advanced process technology, adopt American McDonald Technology.
    3. Powerful heat transfer oil heater and large area heat exchanger, reaction kettle is heated rapidly, ensuring the quality of finished rubber asphalt.
    4. High-performance homogenizing devices in tanks prevent material from segregation, precipitation, and swelling.
    5. Accuracy of the weighing system is less than 2%, the proportion of crumb rubber powder is adjustable.
    6. Production volume of each cycle can be set freely within the maximum productivity.
    7. Tanks are made by anti-corrosion stainless steel with good heat insulation device, static insulation index is ≤12℃/8h.
    8. Stainless steel plates are adopted for packaging for corrosion resistance.

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