1. Price

Coal burners are usually little expensive than oil burners, the common price difference can be 3000USD ~ 8000USD.
Example: The oil burner for LB500 asphalt mixing plant is about 9680USD, while the coal burner for the LB500 asphalt mixing plant is about 14530USD, the difference is 4850USD.

2. Characteristics

Oil burner

(1) Oil only burns in the state of vaporization, the combustion is relatively complete;
(2) Oil has the characteristic of diffusion combustion, the flame shape can be adjusted according to demand;
(3) Atomization before combustion, and the atomization determines the combustion efficiency;
(4) Under different conditions, oil has different thermal decomposition;
(5) The heating is fast, but also the cooling.

Pulverized coal burner

(1) Pulverized coal stays in the hot zone for a long time, thus the combustion efficiency and temperature is high;
(2) Temperature of pulverized coal burner rises fast with high thermal efficiency. It is suitable for a wide range of coal;
(3) The air and coal volume can be changed as needed to control the temperature and flame shape in a certain range;
(4) Internal temperature of pulverized coal burner is even;
(5) Simple structure is easy to maintain.

3. Cost Comparison

Lower combustion cost means higher profit, which is an important reason how you choose burners. Let's find out which is cheaper, coal burner or oil burner?
(Assuming: a set of LB500 asphalt mixing plant works 10 hours a day in China, with 40T/H capacity)

Diesel Price: 1.08 usd/Kg
Coal Price: 0.13 usd/Kg
Diesel Consumption: 6 Kg/t
Coal Consumption: 10 Kg/t
Labor Cost: 10 usd/h (4 people)
(Note: this data only indicates the situation in China, the result is just for reference. You can easily apply this formula with your local data. And, electric charge difference can be ignored.)


Daily cost for diesel burner:

6X40X10(diesel weight)·1.08(Diesel price)
= 2592 usd/day

Daily cost for Coal burner:

10X40X10(coal weight)·0.13(coal price)
+10X10(Labor cost)= 620 usd/day

Conclusion: Coal burner can save 2592-620=1972 dollarfor you EACH DAY.

4. Conclusion:

LB500 Asphalt Plant Oil Burner Coal Burner Comparison
Price 9680 USD 14530 USD 4850 USD Price difference
Daily Cost 2592 USD 620 USD Saves 1792 USD Per Day
Generally speaking, the oil burners have higher combustion efficiency than the coal burners, and the former is more environmental protection. But the coal burner saves vast combustion cost, compared to oil burners. The more advanced type, the longer time it works, the more obvious the advantage is.
Now, the coal burners also have electric ignition, which can save you the labour cost as well. The coal burner is the trend of the burner development, and it will be your top choice.

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