Tips on Asphalt Plant Operation

Before using the asphalt mixing station, the operator should master the correct points of use to ensure the normal operation of the asphalt mixing plant, and the production will not be interrupted due to faults.

1. The production capacity of the asphalt mixing equipment is not only affected by the integrity of the equipment, but also affected by external factors such as the moisture content of the material, the type of finished product, and the climate conditions. Therefore, in production, not only to ensure that the equipment running smoothly, but also equipped with water content detector and finished product analysis and testing instrument at the same time, frequently record data, make appropriate adjustments to ensure that the equipment is in the best condition.

2. In addition to affecting the production capacity of the equipment, the moisture content of the mineral material is still the main factor determining the fuel consumption. Practice has proved that for every 1% reduction in the moisture content of the mineral, 1kg of fuel can be reduced for every 1t of finished product. Therefore, the management of minerals is very important. The addition of rain shelters is an effective measure to save energy and improve efficiency.

3. Before the operation should be fully prepared to carefully check the mixing equipment all working parts and devices are intact and normal. If there are any problems, they must be handled properly and should not be run sick.

4. The operation must be strictly in accordance with the procedures and precautions specified in the equipment instructions. After the ignition is normal, it is necessary to monitor the operation of the dust collector and ensure that the drying drum is burned under normal negative pressure; after the production starts, it shall be monitored whether the hot aggregate elevator and the agitator are working properly to coordinate the operation of other working parts.

5. After the work is finished, stop the feeding; gradually turn off the burner, wash the stirrer with hot fine material, drain the hot material in the drying drum and the stirrer; stop the drying when the drying drum temperature drops to 45-50°C The operation of the drum, blower and dust removal system cuts off the total power supply of the operating room.

6. When the new bag filter is activated, pay attention to the temperature of the flue gas. If the temperature of the flue gas is too high, the filter bag will be burned. If the temperature of the flue gas is too low, dew condensation will occur and the filtering effect will be reduced. Therefore, during the operation process, the index of the differential pressure gauge should be observed frequently. When the differential pressure is too large or too small, it should be processed in time to keep the dust collector in a normal working condition.

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