Waste management and disposal on Asphalt Mixing Plant

1. Sorting and stacking

According to the source of the three wastes and their different characteristics, a stacking warehouse that meets its characteristics is established. The powder material is easy to be dispersed, and a closed stacking warehouse needs to be established to prevent its secondary discharge. For the aggregate material, a special stacking site is set; the stacking of the finished product waste also needs to be concentrated, and cannot be stacked with the powder material or aggregate material.

2. Centralized processing

In order to reduce the waste of waste and secondary pollution, these wastes need to be treated centrally for reuse. For powders and aggregates, when accumulatively stacking them into a full warehouse, they can be uniformly mixed with equipment equipment such as transport vehicles and forklifts, and sampled separately for screening to record the size of the powder and aggregate wastes. Specifications, archive.

3. Centralized application

After centralized treatment of the powders and aggregates, the waste can be applied to the road base of low-grade roads, or the wastes can be used for different grades of asphalt roads by incorporating new materials according to the size of the waste. For concentrated waste products, technical methods and processes such as asphalt thermal regeneration and cold regeneration can be used to turn these wastes into treasures to generate new finished asphalt for road paving or road maintenance operations

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