Safety Operation Procedures for Asphalt Mixing Plant

Enterprise production, safety first. The safety of the staff is the prerequisite for production. It is very important to understand the safety operation procedures of the asphalt mixing station. All staff should carefully study the safety operation regulations of the asphalt mixing station, strictly observe it, protect its own safety and ensure the smooth production.

1. production safety first. Safety is a prerequisite for promoting production and ensuring production.

2. Workers at the mixing station are required to wear work clothes. Outdoor work requires wearing a safety helmet and does not allow slippers to work.

3. When any unsafe factors are found, the person in charge should be notified immediately and the relevant personnel should be arranged as soon as possible.

4. Before starting the machine, the operator needs to press the horn. The workers around the machine should leave the dangerous position immediately after hearing the horn sound.

5. equipment can not be operated without permission to maintain equipment, under the premise of ensuring safety can be maintained.

6. People must wear safety belts when working at heights.

7. Regularly arrange professional personnel to conduct safety inspections on production equipment, circuits, and electrical appliances, detect problems in time, and eliminate them in time.

8. Vehicles entering and leaving the mixing station speed limit and obey the command of the staff.

9. Smoking is prohibited within 3 meters of the diesel tank and tanker fuel tank. No open flame is allowed.

10. When laying asphalt, you must first look at the amount of asphalt in the tank. Only open the entire valve to put asphalt, prohibit smoking on asphalt cans.

11. All positions must improve safety awareness to prevent negligence and prevent accidents.

12. Violations of the above specifications will be dealt with seriously. When a major accident occurs, the responsible person shall bear legal responsibility and corresponding economic responsibility.

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