Root and classification of wastes on asphalt mixing plant

During the production of the asphalt mixture, the managers did a lot of work on the stacking of raw materials and the quality control of the finished products, but the waste management and waste recycling of the asphalt mixing plant did not reach the required level. In the mixing station site, the waste is randomly stacked and discarded. This unscientific approach to waste management has caused serious negative impacts.we should recognize the source of waste classification and waste management and reuse measures.

TThe waste generated from the asphalt concrete mixing plant mainly includes three types of powder, aggregates and finished products.

1. filler

It is mainly composed of mud washed by dust and rainwater discharged during the production of asphalt concrete, which mainly originates from the mixing of asphalt concrete and the effect of rainwater on the erosion of aggregate piles and rainwater.

2. Aggregate

The waste aggregates generally come from the transport equipment, conveyor belts, forklifts and other equipment equipment in the process of feeding aggregates spills, mixing machine test run mixing produce rejects.

3. finished asphalt

The finished asphalt rejects mainly refer to the asphalt concrete produced, and its technical specifications are discarded after they do not meet the requirements of the specifications and technical documents.

If these wastes are not managed and dealt with scientifically and rationally, they will inevitably have a negative impact on the normal operation of the asphalt concrete mixing plant and the surrounding environment, and are specifically expressed in the following aspects:

(1)Causes site pollution. the discarded materials for the materials are susceptible to migration due to rain and wind, contaminating the equipment of the mixing plant.

(2)Harm the health of staff and surrounding residents. If improper disposal of powdered materials is done, under the action of wind and rain, the powder will be discharged to the mixing station site and the surrounding air, causing serious damage to the staff of the site and the surrounding residents.

(3) Occupied space. Waste powders, aggregates, and finished product discarded materials, whether piled up at random or stacked, if not treated scientifically, accumulate over time, and space occupied by discarded materials in asphalt mixing plants is increasing.

(4) affect the appearance. Cleanliness, cleanliness, and comfort are the basic requirements for modern production and construction. Waste, dust, equipment, and asphalt concrete mixing stations are obviously not suitable. If they are not disposed of properly, they will definitely damage modern asphalt concrete mixing stations. Image, affect the appearance.

(5) Waste of resources. Under normal circumstances, although some asphalt mixing stations will recycle waste, the recycling methods are somewhat extensive and confusing. It is often just to concentrate the waste in one place or pile it to a new stockpile, without scientifically classifying and classifying these wastes. Deal with a lot of these resources wasted.

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