Environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant

In modern society, all industries want long-term development, and they must all have the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, especially in the asphalt mixing equipment industry.

Asphalt mixing station is a large-scale road construction material production equipment, and it is one of the important equipments for the construction of roads for road construction. In the construction of road construction, the proportion of investment is large. Although its scope of production is limited to construction sites, due to its high emission density and emission indicators are also inferior to other construction machinery products, the environmental pollution it brings can not be ignored either. How to reduce energy consumption and emission levels? This is not only a realistic issue facing our industry, but also a problem to be considered by our asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers.

Asphalt mixing stations have the following major pollution problems:
1. The particulate matter such as PM, PM10, and PM2.5 that are generated during loading and unloading of cold aggregates, feeding, transportation, and dust removal. 2. Smoke pollution from the chimneys discharged into the atmosphere includes harmful gases generated from the combustion of fuel and particulate pollutants such as PM, PM10 and PM2.5. 3. The harmful gases generated during heating and discharging of asphalt and heavy oil mainly include NOx, SOx, and CO.

LYROAD has a professional and complete technical force and independent innovation and development capabilities. The introduction of advanced foreign technologies and new processes has enabled the successful development of Elb's environmentally-friendly asphalt mixing equipment, which adopts a closed structure to minimize noise pollution and dust emissions. The environmental protection level has reached the European standard and can be used in the suburbs of cities. Environmental safety assessment to help you worry-free production.

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