LYROAD Machinery offer good welfare to employees, and organize travel for its crew once a year.

In order to express appreciation to the staff’s diligent work and well performance, help them get relaxed and enhance their friendship and team work spirit, LYROAD Machinery arrange a travel to Thailand for the staff in August, 2016.

On Aug. 9, 2016, LYROAD Machinery tour group gathered on Xinzheng Intl’ Airport got ready to move and took photos. On August 10, LYROAD Machinery tour group landed on famous tourism destination of Thailand, Samet Island.

Ready to Move Landed on Samet, Thailand

Charming beach, happy memory.

Charming beach, happy memory. Charming beach, happy memory.

LYROAD Machinery people stay together, enjoying the beautiful scenery and delicious dishes. What a fantastic time!

Delicious food Delicious food

Last year was Lijiang, this year is Thailand, what’s next……

2015 in Lijiang 2016 in Thailand

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