Asphalt Distributor is a special vehicle, truck-mounted or trailer-mounted, for spraying bituminous asphalt on binder layer and pavement surface of roads. It is also called asphalt sprayer, bitumen sprayer truck, bitumen distributor, etc. The capacity and work efficiency of a bitumen distributor truck is commonly affected by how big the heated storage tank is and how wide the spray bar is.

Asphalt distributor prices range from $45,000 to $200,000. As a special vehicle, its cost is mainly incurred by the chassis. Before buying this kind machines, tank volume, spraying width and working condition shall be taken into consideration.

Asphalt Distributors For Sale

Asphalt Distributor Truck Price List 2021

LY5040GLQ $45,500 HOWO chassis, 4m³ tank
LY5110GLQ $48,500 DONGFENG chassis, 5.5m³ tank
LY5120GLQ $53,500 DONGFENG chassis, 6m³ tank
LY5250GLQ $75,500 HOWO chassis, 8m³ bitumen tank
LY5212GLQ $98,500 HOWO chassis, 12m³ tank


1. What shall be taken into consideration before buying an asphalt distributor?
Truck chassis, spray medium, tank volume, spraying width, working condition, price, and maintenance costs shall be taken into consideration.

2. PTO, Auxiliary Engine, Which one is better?
The spraying system requires power to drive bitumen pumps, burners, and hydraulic cylinders. In the past, many engineers and operators preferred a Power Take-Off (PTO) unit to take power from a truck engine. Nowadays, auxiliary diesel engine mounted between the driver's cab and bitumen tank becomes popular. That's because the auxiliary engine enjoys a stable power supply, lower price, and easy maintenance.

2. What's the proper width of the spray bar?
Typically, the width of the spray bar base is the same as the chassis width, more or less 2,400mm. Two folding extension bars with equal length are furnished for wider road application, and the width of such extension is as required. Max. spray bar width reaches up to 7,200mm. Generally, the hand spray bar, as well as fittings to the spray bar, is equipped for unreachable areas.

3. What's the proper volume of the bitumen tank?
The volume of the bitumen tank is subject to the requirements of the road pavement project. 8,000L tank is the most popular one. Only liquid bitumen, about 120℃, can be sprayed out smoothly. Good thermal insulation is a MUST. Insulation helps to maintain bitumen warm. In addition, pipes, valves, and pumps are jacketed type. A diesel or gas burner is provided as a heat source. Heating media is heat transfer oil.

4. How does the control system work?
PLC controller on driver's cab allows the driver to conduct spraying operation all by himself/herself. The operator types in spray rate, then the control system works out pump rate and truck speed automatically. The operator pushes the start button and maintains a proper speed. Then spraying will be carried out automatically.

5. How to select a right truck chassis?
A 4x2 or 6x4 truck is required for mounting the bitumen tank, spraying system, and other accessories. Before placing an order, the buyer shall confirm the following information: Left drive / right drive, PTO / auxiliary engine, emission standard.

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