On October 24th, 2012, South African customer Mr. Lee came to visit our asphalt plant factory.

During the whole day’s visit, companied by our technician and interpreter, Mr. Lee first visit our asphalt plant station factory and inspected an old asphalt bathing plant, one of our products not far away from our factory in the afternoon.

Mr. Lee was surprised at the large scale of our asphalt plant factory, and satisfied with our the product quality. When our technical engineer introduced the old asphalt bathing plant produced by our company, he believed in the high quality of our products much more. Because it was an old asphalt plant having been worked for nearly 6 years, few maintained and is of high efficiency now.

南非客户参观访问沥青站工厂     南非客户参观访问沥青站工厂
South African Clients Came to Visit Asphalt Plants Factory
南非客户参观访问沥青站工厂     南非客户参观访问沥青站工厂
South African Clients Visit Asphalt Batching Plants Work Site

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