LB3000 240TPH The Largest Asphalt Plant LYROAD Machinery Has Exported

2017-09-24 Although it is rainy and gloomy, LYROAD Machinery’s staff are happy and in a hurry. From today on, an LB3000 Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant, 240t/h, the largest asphalt plant LYROAD Machinery has ever exported, is going to be loaded and shipped to Central Asia.

Drying drum takes a truck (Left in below).
Vibrating screen unit, thermal oil boilers and masses take one truck (Right in below).

Control room and cold aggregate (Part-I) load on one truck. (Left in below).
Bag house filter and small components load on one truck (Right in below).

Hot storage silo and screw conveyors load on one truck. (Left in below).
One layer of mixing tower loads on one truck (Right in below).

All loading works will take 4 days. The plant will be loaded on 12 trucks and then sent to Kashgar, a land port on the west board of China. Then clients will send trucks Kashgar and transport the plant to their own country.

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