With China's road network growing, the road construction equipment is constantly evolving and improving. In highway construction, asphalt concrete, as a material for the surface layer of the road, is used by the designers more and more. So, the asphalt mixing plant will afford the mission of the production of asphalt concrete. The speed of ​​road construction become faster and faster, so small and medium sized asphalt plant can not meet the demand for road construction.

10 years ago, the 120t/h asphalt mixing plant has gradually exited from the market, replaced by large capacity asphalt plant, such as 160t/h, 240t/h, 320t/h. Large capacity asphalt mixing plant gradually become the market mainstream products.

2020 Highway Development Goals of China:
The size of the road network: the total mileage of 3,000,000 km.
Highway: basically formed the national highway network, highway mileage of 85,000 km.
Secondary roads: the total mileage of 650,000 km, covering all the counties.
Rural roads: the road to the village from the town basically reached the advanced or Senior road standards.

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