At 9th Sept, customer from European begins his five-day visit to our company. It is mainly for full understanding about the asphalt mix plant, and make previous preparations for introducing European market.

During the period, customer has visited the Finished Plant Exhibition Area, Ready-Delivery Plant Area, Workshop, Electronic Control System Room.
At the Finished Plant Exhibition Area, customer has detailed check the each system and proposed request according to the European standard for technique improving.
At the Ready-Delivery Plant Area, more than 10sets of plant is ready for delivery, customer was repeatedly praised for the good market of our plant both domestic and overseas.
At the Workshop, customer detailed know about the each system processing, and highly praise the capacity of more than 10sets plant average monthly.
At the Electronic Control System Room, customer knew about the key components was adopted international brand and was satisfied by knowing the control system programmed ourselves.
At last, customer visited our asphalt mix plant work site and return to office for confirmed the detailed.

After five days of understanding each other, we know there is still distance with request of European market, but this business trip has played a roll of fueling for technical improve and enter into European market.

The United Kingdom Customer Visited Our Aaphalt Plant Factory     The United Kingdom Customer Check the Aaphalt Plant Control System
The United Kingdom Customer Visit Our Factory Customer Check the Aaphalt Plant Control System

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