Model: LB700 ~ LB5000
Capacity: 60 ~ 400t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $135,000 Above + Freight Charge
Model: YLB700 ~ YLB2000
Capacity: 60 ~ 160 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $182,000 Above + Freight Charge
Model: ELB700 ~ ELB5000
Capacity: 60 ~ 400 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $152,000 Above + Freight Charge
Model: JJW3000, JJW4000
Capacity: 230 ~ 260 t/h, 320 ~ 660 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $665,000 Above + Freight Charge
Model: JNW180 ~ JNW340
Capacity: 180 ~ 340 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $500,000 Above + Freight Charge
Model: DHB40 ~ DHB100
Capacity: 40 ~ 100 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $70,000 Above + Freight Charge
Model: MDHB40 ~ MDHB100
Capacity: 40 ~ 100 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $70,000 Above + Freight Charge
slb asphalt drum mix plant
Model: SLB8 ~ SLB30
Capacity: 8 ~ 30 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $23,000 Above + Freight Charge
Model: QLB10 ~ QLB80
Capacity: 10 ~ 80 t/h
Asphalt Plant Price: $59,000 Above + Freight Charge


  • The prices showed above are FOB prices Qingdao Port of asphalt mixing plant with the lowest configuration in every series. Specific price of asphalt plant itself will be figured out after we together make certain of your detailed requirements about configuration and parameters of asphalt plant.
  • Freight charge varies with the size of the asphalt plant you choose, and it is determined by the number of HQ containers that your asphalt mixing plant can be loaded into and the shipping cost per HQ container from Qingdao port to the port your designate.

We sincerely hope to get your requirements, no matter they are about configuration and parameters of asphalt plants or the total freight charge. Please feel free to contact us via following means: call+86-377-63877798, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly click on button below to leave a message, a satisfactory answer will be given to you within a short time.

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